Gem prices in certain countries

I don't know if this matter has been addressed before, but it is something that's really bothering me. I enjoy Smite really much, I have been playing since season 2 (I know its not really long time but still, my point is that I'm not the starter player) and I really enjoy having those amazing skins Hi-Rez is offering in the game. But the thing is, that I have never bought any gems, even though I really wanted to.

The thing is that Gems are extremely expensive. Maybe 15$ for 800 gems for example is a reasonable price for US and western European countries, but for my country (Republic of Georgia) its really really expensive. To give an example of the amount 15$ here weights, its approximately 50 loafs of bread or really nice dinner at expensive restaurant. So spending, for example, 30$ on god pack is really insane in this country.

The other day I heard that Russians are able to buy gems in Russian Rubles. I checked the prices and its quite reasonable for gems and god pack too. Even though I no longer need god pack, I would regularly buy gems if I could do it in Russian tariffs. So can Hi-Rez at least consider this? At least let post-soviet countries buy gems in Russian tariffs. I guess some money is better for company than no money, dunno…

TL;DR – The prices for gems for post-soviet countries is insane, on the other hand the prices in Russian Rubles is reasonable, so please Hi-Rez, consider the economic situations in countries like mine and let us buy gems in Russian tariffs.

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