Gear has to go or get changed if we want new players to play this game. And it also affects the longevity of the game NEGATIVELY for experienced players.

Gear is just a stupid fucking cash-grab mechanic that brings nothing to the gameplay. You cannot gear in a way that changes your play style. The playstyle will be the same just with higher numbers.

Revenge mode is all the rage and a 108 player will kill a 0 player with 2-3 attacks. New people will quit the game in hours if this keeps up.

So a new player buys the game. Thinks “OK I’ll do these quests to level up a character I find interesting. They join Elimination. They face a 108 / random class. But let’s say Orochi since they are the most played. The Orochi will, if they get revenge, kill the player with a top light + zone attack and any other kind of followup. And they WILL get revenge in the game, several times.

After getting stomped in seconds a lot of players will leave. I was about to quit myself until I got rep 3 and could get heroic gear.

And now let’s go to older players that want to try something new. They can’t. Sure you can play duel and shit but how are you going to level a new class to rep 3 by just doing 1v1 and 2v2 when quests are for the 4v4 game modes.

And even if you reach rep 3 with a second or third class you need to spend a ton of steel to get decent gear. With OK luck you can get proper stats for about 7-8k steel. Upgrading it to 108 is a whole different story but not necessary to compete against other 108. Just full heroic is enough.

Edit: Here is a video demonstrating this. Credit to BroDubZ

Edit2: Here is another courtesy of Sypher Gaming Channel:

If you can look at these videos and still think that gear is fine I don’t know what to say.

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