Gamemode: Hostage

This gamemode would be kind of similar to VIP modes in other games.

My idea is that it's a 1v1 gamemode (either hoy or galleon), and each team starts with one of the enemy team's crew members "tied up" in their cabin. The hostage would have full movement, but wouldn't be able to carry any weapons. The goal would be to sink the enemy ship while keeping your hostage alive and maintaining control of the enemy's hostage or killing him if he tries to escape. The hostage could be killed by its own team's cannon fire, but could only be killed by the enemy team if he leaves the cabin in an attempt to escape. Also, if the hostage reaches his own team's cabin, he can arm himself and fight.

What do you guys think? I think it'd be a fun, dynamic, and chaotic gamemode. Also, I think it'd be very easy to implement because the only "new" things you'd have to add is a new spawn for one of your crew mates, hostage invulnerability inside the enemy's cabin, and the hostage having no weapons until reaching his own cabin.

The new CTB gamemode is awesome btw! Keep it up devs! 🙂

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