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Now as much as I love spewing out walls of text with some brain spill included, I’m well aware not everything is 100% feasible in a close or really any timeperiod somethings suggested wont be viable either by time for art assets, or programmatic flim flammery that I cant wrap the walnut between my ears around. But I will try and keep it sort of organized for the casual reader.

Not much I can do about the length, this is going to be a friggin long one.

 Explosive Urns

As fun as I’m certain it is for the average player to walk up to a door place thier bomb on the ground and make it pop It feels a little off considering the way the current building/landclaim mechanics work.

For the time being I’m ignoring the elevator/t1 stairway/ceiling and other entrances designed to fail in the event of a raid. I’ll touch on that later.

Right now the game incentives you to sprint up to a doorway plop down your bomb hopefully avoiding the non leading archers and generally lackluster fighter since you are attacking while noone is home anyway and smack/detonate the urn to charge into the base further, rinse and repeat. Currently you have no need for teamwork and hell you barely need to deal with the AI defenders unless you really feel like it.

My suggestion for Urns would be that they are only placeable outside of a buildable radius (Ignoring foundation spam because decay should resolve that…. hopefully) and then the urn must be carried in by a player, forgoing the use of his shield/weapon and traveling very slowly. This means you have to either

A. Take out the defenses ahead of time B. Go with buddies who can shield you from archers and whoop on fighters while you lug an awkwardly shaped 80lb jug of explosives to the sap location C. Pray to Yog that your slow moving behind doesnt get turned into a pincushion as you meander up to the walls all on your sad lonesome.

Maybe make it so one other person can help carry it but that might be messy latency/ banding wise and a bear for players to control so its probably not worth it.

Its a minor thing and not a full solution but helps make true defense slightly more viable


Since I started out talking about the powder kegs I might as well move into the other roots for future raiding. Ultimately the raiding implements are going to need to be varied, some costly some more time or effort intensive. Raiding a base needs to be a puzzle and for however many ways a player can build their defenses there needs to be ways to Attack with ingenuity.

We already know the trebuchet will be coming into play and I truely hope the range is reasonable and that they don’t prematurely kill the projectile entities giving them a gimped range. What I’m looking to see with this is a physics based ark throwing the projectile and letting her fly until it hits something. This rewards people that can find a way to make an emplacement on a high ground over an enemy base (obviously creating a natural minimum range) and then goes through the time to aim and sight in the trebuchet.

Projectiles should be crafted in the seige implement itself and be able to be sped up by a seige captain thrall. They should still be somewhat cost ineffective and costs is something I’m not going to puzzle over in this post that is more balance planning than i really want to go into for this post.

Possible Projectiles

  • Rotten flesh (i know they plan something like this but I dont know full details) Putrid flesh wrapped up in some silk cloth and flung at the walls to deal area poison to players and thralls
  • Corruption blight Some spooky eldrich squiggly stuff lobbed to salt the area with a temp corruption field, possibly increasing in severity and duration the more heavily bombarded an area is, could be used defensively as well with a possible side effect being an alteration of the local wildlife
  • Lotus Bloom Gas an extra use for our beloved mindwipe potions, something that when lobbed at the enemies walls briefly confuses ai and possibly makes players hallucinate (so long as a sensical mechanic for it could be devised)
  • Generic Lobbed Boulder Three tiers of boulder – Stone, Brick and Iron reinforcements, Hardened brick and Steel reinforcements – deals concentrated damage Slowish to craft damage to structure based on building tier resistance
  • Fire Pot Aoe Denial throw some fire on your enemies, wont mess with the stone but it will burn the life out of just about anyone dumb enough to stand in it
  • Explosive Pot Not sure on this one tbh it would make sense but it would need to be ridiculously priced, slow as anything to craft and have some drawbacks to compensate for the strength of AOE boom boom.
  • Thralls/Players More likely to kill you than anything unless physics are totally on your side treat it like a high jump where you can take fall damage if your velocity approaching and your drop is too great. (player weight taken into effect with aiming calculations) Primary use would probably be suicide air scouting. This one might be a bit silly for it though.

 Additional Raiding Implements

Just spitballing a bit for these ones but

  • Ballista A giant Arrow shooting device who doesnt want that, Manned by seige captains possibly usable in defense as well.
  • Grappling hooks thrown by players and Climing ropes/ziplines shot by Ballista AI should see and attack these if they can path to them and destroyed ropes/ziplines should drop anyone climbing them.
  • Siege Towers Big bulky slow moving land rafts built and controlled by a player and pushed by a multitude of thralls preferably fighter thralls that could be deployed when they reach a destination. Made mostly of wood and metal, highly flammable can be covered with wet hides and other things to try and resist ignition by fire arrows and flame pots custom built which could mean they could bog performance while moving but best option to allow for innovative construction.
  • Hand carried Siege ladders Limited height heavy, has to be carried from outside build limit slow if carried alone add thralls to make the effort faster, Melee thralls climb up with you and guard the ladder (maybe 4 slots taken up by you and 3 thralls)
  • Battering Rams Big slow vulnerable rams there to knock down gates and walls. Needs multiple thralls helping, entities pushing the ram can be killed leaving the ram slower or unable to move.
  • One other thing that is neccesary is a small explosive or ram expressly for knocking down doors. right now the defensive meta favors defending a doorway with a walkway/stair infront of it that will blow up the second someone tries to make it through. Should be something that Net cost wise is more expensive or equal in cost to explosive urns but only deals damage to the wall or door it is directed at.

 Religion, Thralls and Bringing the Two together

Lets put this one bluntly, Gods are really broken REALLY REALLY broken. They need a collective re balance. None of the avatars should instantly POP structures. Avatars should be slightly killable, reasonably expensive and very destructive, but we should be looking at them doing real damage Values to structures and having to attack them to destroy them and even then not being a 1 hit on t3, this will also allow us to balance them functionally against each other as well as allow the player to control them a little longer (allowing for a more engaging play experience both as and against this towering monstrosity that represents your god.

  • Mitra is a slow juggernaut High Health High damage Low speed.
  • Set has fast land and attack speed – mid ground health and damage (with poison but pretty much kills most living things outright save maybe high vit high armor players)
  • Yog should be lower damage lower health with high aoe and utility effects the thing that makes Yog Spooky is his flight, that alone is going to make him a staple but his air power should leave him fairly vulnerable to archers which would make his lower health pool more of a consideration and reward clever archer utilization.

Preparation for creating a god should also be more involved. It should require the T3 altar to convert the priest into a material needed to make the avatar construction site. The site should be on par with the size of Mitra feet construction in the north center desert. Each site should require religious resources and t3/rare resources to be loaded into it and powered much like a wheel of pain. While its on and running it should create a visible effect and light beam with dark clouds manifesting in the sky like this  it should be VERY time and resource intensive.

I would love to see thralls get a religious tie in where you can take your thralls to the high priest and have them converted into god touched warriors with quality relative to their starting state and their conversion time and religious resource cost in the altar based on the quality of the priest.

When a thrall becomes god touched they gain extra qualities that make them stand out from their unconverted counterparts, Unique armor sets, Cooked human flesh, Living Statues , Eldrich horrors of warriors and Snakeman archers that spit poison. Something unique that gives more levels of mechanics to the thralls and ties your people in with your god. Possibly a path of ascension for yourself as well with your principle deity. (there is some precedent in universe )

I do think we need to see additional thrall types as well as a more randomized less predictable set of locations for thralls. You should not be able to go to the same location in the same camp over and over again for the different Thralls, it should be part luck part skill and not as much about how you can cheese the spawns of the three or four big camps.

Archers need to be able to be mounted into window slits and good shooting over half walls

Fighters (particularly spearmen need to have better melee aim. I set up a 1 high wall in one of my airlocks with the purpose of having a spearman on a ceiling above it poke anyone that came through the first door. Turned out that the bugger couldnt actually strike below him with the spear. But he could aggro the man on the other side of the wall and stab through solid stone to hit him -___-

Other thralls types

  • Siege Captains Previously explained
  • Provisioners (possibly uses a special inventory or container) will be necessary when they add in upkeep to thralls.
  • Architects might needs its own inventory or container as well might be needed when
  • Trainers Provides a means to slowly train the quality of combat thralls up in a non cost effective way (i would also like some sort of individual thrall veterancy from kills and whatnot but I think that might be programatically unfeasible due to data tracking)
  • Spotters High detection range units to alert AI of farther off enemies (grants greater aggro range for archers and siege captains
  • Alchemists Throws status debuffs at enemies
  • Shamans/Medics Buffs and healing
  • Captains Confers a localized hp/dmg buff to nearby units. If squads/patrols become a thing they should be a required element as well

 Shields, Archery and the State of Combat

I will keep this section brief since the devs know they aren’t satisfied with combat in its current form.

Shields need a durability buff across the board. Currently they can block infinite arrows and not feel a thing but a hyena will shred a shield quickly. They should be buffed up to take a pummeling but blocked strikes drain stamina relative to poise. Arrows as well should be able to drain down the stamina of a shield user causing them to break thier block. There should be a bit of a recoil from getting stam-ed out blocking. A successfully blocked melee strike should cause enough recoil to either allow for a player to strike back or create a very brief ripost window of attack.

Right now too many of the weapons are either very same-ey and need diversification The other option would be that we have our core set of weapons that we learn and then when we learn them we get alternate skins that we can craft IE sword Cutlass Falcetta all being the same weapon but with different looks making it an aestetic/visual identification choice rather than what stats you are swinging. My personal preference would be for diverse weapon mechanics but if we cant achieve that than making it a visual choice would work as well.

Armor could also benefit from a variety of appearance sets with the same stats primarily for RP and identification reasons as well. I know we will be getting dye but I think we will get more bang out of visually distinctive armor uniforms than we will with color with the combination of the two making for strongly unique looking clans.

Tricks Traps and Defenses

Another short section i know they have stuff planned.

  • False floor pitfalls
  • Tripwire Traps
  • Beartraps
  • Ceiling boulders
  • Poison dart shooter
  • Explosive darts
  • Trapped Chests
  • pots of Burning Pitch
  • Crush walls
  • Secret Doors/Hidden soldiers
  • Spiked floor
  • Swinging axes

 Increasing the function of RP items

I’m all for RP items just being around for the sake of RP, hell i spent almost all my time in rust playing an RP server (2100 hours of it) but considering the fact that unless you are wiping your Blueprints for them they generally are not worth getting. Now im not sure how this would work from a database/stat tracking perspective and I am operating under the concept that corruption is atleast partially based on your players sanity.

I would like to see your RP possessions (trophies rugs banners and the like) act as a fake corruption insulation. The more “STUFF” that your clan has in their halls the better insulation that you have and what it does is it confers a slight resistance to corruption quietly fills an extra corruption bar hat doesn’t effect you so long as you still have your stuff, it doesn’t go away from dancers right away and instead falls off very slowly. BUT if your base gets attacked and trophies and the like get destroyed (or looted personally i think stealing them would be more interesting) your character suffers the mental backlash from it and suddenly they are left debilitated by the panic and madness of possessions being taken.

 Little Things

  • Thralls on wheel should match the breaking thralls
  • Forges Campfires and Wheels of Pain should utilize only needed fuel, and shut off when done. wheels of pain should switch food when turning rather than turning off and campfires shouldn’t default to burning plant fiber of all things that particular fuel should only be eaten up by choice since its needed for gruel and burns like garbage.
  • at some point a late game expensive attribute reset potion would be nice especially since the values of stats changes while you level and the stats are also still being changed as the game develops making stat experimentation and build flexibility needed.
  • seeing claim range and thrall placement bubbles would be nice, i know its roughly 1 foundation for thralls but I would like to have the ability to optimize and get the most thralls placed as is possible in a spacial sense.
  • Light sources across the board need work. even hand held torches have too strong a falloff the bonfire is great but im never investing in that full time unless they add a fuel for light sources that wont process mats but lets the thing just sit and burn for days and act as a light source.

All in all I love this game, it has the foundations for a lot of hours and alot of fun for me. It has the most robust building system I have seen and even in end game you can still die if you are being greedy/sloppy. This Big ol’ TLDR post is the love I can try to give back.

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