Game not utilising my CPU more? 30% CPU vs 100% GPU usage

So, the first complaint I got is about the game not utilising my CPU's strength very much. Many open-world games often use the CPU to decrease the extreme intense load of the GPU, meaning, better FPS. Now, this doesn't seem to be the case with Ghost Recon Wildlands…

It only uses an average of 30% of my CPU and 100% of my GPU. Why? A couple of games I've seen has a GPU acceleration option, which supposedly puts way more load on the CPU so the GPU can relax more which gives you more FPS. Why doesn't Wildlands have this? It's a real shame, my PC is NOT a bad PC and should be able to handle this game fine, but since it uses almost only GPU I average n 30 FPS.

Also, since when is shadow quality not more straining than texture quality?!

If you wish to inform me on things that I'm ignorant of, please do, but in a nice way, cheers.

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