Game Mode Ideas

If these ideas have already been discussed or even planned to be implemented then forgive me. Just take it as another example of excitement for such things to exist in this very fun and promising game.

Coastal Fort Assault

How would you guys feel about a Coastal Fort Assault mode? I certainly don't want to take away from the game's naval aspect, but this could certainly spice up what more the game has to offer than simply sailing the seas all the time.

Imagine the teamwork it would take ships to accurately neutralize gun batteries on a coastal fort, punch holes into the walls, land crew members via rowboats, and storm the fort for either a supply raid, extermination, or some object/person of importance. You could still have defensive ships in the area to contend with too. It could make for an interesting mix.

Treasure Hunt

Or how about a Treasure Hunt mode? Imagine a small island or sandbar in the middle of the battlefield that contains some buried treasure. Teams can either devote its resources to wiping out the opposing ships or to land crew members via rowboats that will attempt to find, dig up, and retrieve the treasure back to their ships. Ships could offer support fire for the ground assault or against other ships. Lots of choices to make in such a situation and finding the right balance would be key.

Alternatively, if not a fixed position for a treasure grab, you could have one team already holding treasure on one of their convoy's "VIP" ships, and to have a raiding party attempt to board and retrieve it before the convoy reaches a certain destination.


Lastly, for the lack of a better name at the moment, lets just call it Capture/Escape as a placeholder. The idea behind this mode is to have a cat-and-mouse kind of game during the night where one team utilizes stealth and trickery to its advantage in an attempt to outwit and outmaneuver the opposing team searching for them and to reach a certain area as an end-objective without being sunk and within a certain time period.

The escapee could make use of dense clouds of fog along the way, hide behind islands, or even deploy a raft with lanterns on it to deceive the pursuers of the escapee's real location. Hell, you could even time maneuvers with the night sky where you wait for the clouds to cover the full moon before making a break for it. The ideas are endless.

I was thinking you could have the searching team with several small but fast boats and the escapee in single large but slow one (perhaps with expanded crew if the devs want to keep team player count even). The galleon couldn't simply just flee and outrun the sloops if caught, but it could take the sloops out if they poured in one-at-a-time instead of all converging in at once as a wolfpack. Of course, combat would be the last resort, but it could still be an option. The point here being that the escapee needs to rely more on cunning than brute force alone to win, but to still have options.

What do you guys think? And what other game mode ideas can you think of? Cheers!

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