Game depth: Tactical aspect


DISCLAIMER: These are my personal opinions and the reasoning behind this post is to create a healthy discussion on the topic. I totally respect that you don't agree with me! I expect that many of you like the game how it is (including me!) and don't want any changes to these system .

First of all, I want to say that this game is a good mix between Arma 3 and H1Z1, great job. I enjoy it a lot!

    But there is something that I feel the Arma 3 mod achieves better than Battleground right now, and that is:
Gameplay Pace: How fast the game feels to the player.
Examples: Call of duty, run and gun = very quick game pace. Chess = Very slow game pace.

    I feel the game pace in Battlegrounds is just too quick.
You constantly run around, searching for loot and searching for enemies with no second thoughts about: What if someone sees me?, if someone sees me, great, I can just turn around and shoot back, while strafing like a madman with rabies..
Shooting, that's what's fun, isn't it?


Well, it might be just me, but I don't feel the same way. I feel the tactical aspect of these games are more enjoyable than the actual shooting. The shooting is like the sneeze, but the build up before the sneeze is what makes the sneeze so enjoyable, isn't it?

    What I enjoy about Battle Royale in Arma 3 is that everything you do can have severe consequences. If you run on an open field, well then you will get shot! This applies for Battleground as well! But there are some systems in Arma that enforces tactical movement in a better way than Battlegrounds (right now).

    These are:

  • Camouflage: There are little to no camouflage items in game (as far as I've seen). I really hope they can incorporate some military clothing, because it really helps how you can use the terrain and foilage to your tactical maneuverability. Right now, every color on your clothes and gear sticks out from the terrain around you. Thus you can easily spot someone far away, and thus there is no reason to hide = You might as well just run as fast as you can and shoot without hesitation.
  • Foliage: There are too little bushes on the map, and the bushes are too small. There are no possible way to do tactical movements on the map, because there are too many open spaces. And the foilage around it are too spread out and the bushes are too small. This makes it so that you can use the bushes as cover while moving.
  • Player run speed: I feel the players move too quickly. There are no acceleration when you start running (you instantly go into max run speed). and the max run speed feels too quick at the moment. This enforces the player to move as much as possible, because it's hard to shoot a moving target. If you added acceleration to movement and lowered the max run speed just a tiny bit, you would instead enforce the players to use their surroundings for cover and be more cautious. Because if you get caught on an open field, and you can't run all over the place, well your chances of surviving is minimal. Doesn't necessarily need to change this for the entire game, but maybe for the hard core mode?

    I feel these systems would slow down the game pace a bit, making the game into an tactical shooter instead of an run and gun game. In Arma 3, I get an insane adrenaline rush when sitting in a bush, knowing there is someone 200m in front of me, but I cam't bloody see him. And suddenly someone opens fires. I actually get the exact same feeling as I had when I was in military exercises. And that is what I feel this game would really benefit from!


    I feel that it seems like I've only talked about the victim's perspective (the guy getting shot at), but it really works well for the attacker as well: He too must take the same precautions as the victim, he needs to be certain that he has the advantage over the victim before he opens fire, such as: In a better spot with better cover. Behind the victim. Better camouflage. etc. If else, he might be stuck out in the open and the victim can instantly see who is shooting at him.

    I respect that the developers have their own vision on how this game should be played, and what type of players it should cater to. And actually I enjoy open the game to run and shoot people for a bit. But without this tactical side of it, I feel it lacks depth. And depth is what makes a game enjoyable for longer periods of play sessions.

    Well that is my two cents on the matter. I just wanted to see if someone agrees with me 🙂

  Cya all on the battlefield!

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