Galleon Captain Tips from Bopit

Hello there guys, captain Bopit here, and I have spent 50 hours in blackwake with about 80% of that time captaining, and much of it on a galleon. I also have being honest around a 90+% win rate, so I feel qualified to share some quick tips about captaining on the Galeon.

  1. Powerder Monkey: This is something ive been ensuring we have every game. At the begging of each match dedicate someone to running supplies to the lower deck.
  2. Aiming: this might be the biggest thing, and its what allows me to win. Here is a link for how to aim: 

Just as important as your aim, is your command over your gunners. Make it clear they need to hold fire till you are ready, then rain hell.

  1. Engage at range: the cannons in BW have a surprisingly long range, use it. IF they are turned broadside with you, fire into them. If you miss just turn away and reload. If you are using the aiming tricks and commanding the crew you will have a better shot, no need to roll the dice in a ramming battle.
  2. Turning: If you are winning, you want to be full broadside with them, stay on them and lay into them. Just machine gun them. If they turn away, hold fire, turn and do it again. You have the advantage, use it and stay on them.

If you are losing, TURN AWAY, so many people i face don’t do this, and it allows me to annihilate them. Turn away from the ship firing on you, become a small target, and when your in the water you will have enough time to repair and come out.

  1. Sails: for those of you crew who repair sails, your captain loves you, or so he should. The back sail on the galleon allows you to turn. If its going down dedicate a person to it, if you cant turn, you cant win.
  2. Target Selection: The Galleon, always, as simple as that. The hoys are annoyances that you can repair through. Fire on them when its convenient ONLY, otherwise fire on the galleon.
  3. Ramming: Don’t do it, unless you are 100% sure you can kill the enemy galleon with it. NEVER RAM A HOY, unless its for the win, or if they are SUPER isolated. You are the fire power of the team, you need to stay mobile and stay shooting. All of this also applies to grappling.
  4. Command: This is huge. Tell your men what to do, and where to be when you can. Make sure they are ready and reloaded, make sure they hold fire when they should. And GIVE THEM WARNING of the things you are doing. Turning on someone without saying anything and expecting your crew to be there will lose you fights. As much warning as possible. And when they are doing well, make sure you let them know. Everyone appreciates being told they are doing a good job.
  5. Repairs: If you are 4 holes or under, just 1 pump, 1 or 2 on repairs. Anything over both pumps, and repairs as it scales. And remember TURN AWAY from the ship firing on you.
  6. Grapeshot: don’t.
  7. Navy: Sail for it 😉

Well that’s it for now, let me know if you have any other questions or want more details or if you think I could add or change something. I dont know everything but hopefully now you will be more prepared to captain on the high seas.

Sea you out there

Captain Bopit

P.S. Reddit is fucking with the numbering, idk how to fix lol

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