Future places for DLC (SPOILERS)

I have been wondering since the end of the game, we know Aloy went into the west as far as Carson city on the other ride of the deserts of Nevada, evidently just finding Elizbeth’s grave is just one thing, but what if there was something greater in the west, possibly ne of the other subordinates AIS that used to be Gaia. remember besides hades there are nine, one is broken (Apollo,) one is now useless (eluthea). now what about the others. Gaia doesn’t know where they went, the network of bunkers is worldwide. what if the other AIS are hiding in different countries? perhaps heading into the west will find one of the AIS, perhaps Poseidon to calm the oceans (underwater gameplay !) however what about the others. Hephaestus is the reason why the machines are now dangerous. Demeter has been seeding flowers and leaving poetry, however what about the others. the megafauna is still missing from the world; it is possible that artemins could be populating the old world with big animals since the derangement. perhaps it starts populating the Americas with things like deer, bison, elk, jaguars peccaries, brocket deer, mountain goats, wolves, bears etc. (by the way do the banuk wear bear and wolf pelts?). this could be coupled with domesticated animals increasing the range of organisms available. perhaps machines are carrying them across the Atlantic, aloy would have to ride these machines across the oceans to find where they are coming from, that place being Africa. south Africa, or at least the places between the Drakensberg and western cape could be diverse enough for a new map in itself, with different cultures, new machines , different scenery and of course new wild animals. finding artemins would be a challenge for the DLC.

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