Fusion rifles rocked a whopping badass .71% Trials kills this week, down from .84% the last week.

Sorry for the rant in advance.

According to Destiny Trials Report, Fusion rifles have still decreased in the kill count. With the 16,195,871 total kills this weekend, that is only 114,990 total fusion rifle kills. That is absolutely atrocious how an amazing gun type is essentially just cast away, knowingly by Bungie.

My go to load out for probably over a year has been a HC/Fusion rifle or a High Impact Scout/Fusion rifle. Fusions IMO, are the most fun guns to use in this game. There really isn't anything more satisfying to me in PvP seeing someone burst in to ball of flames after a sweet solar voop. Don't get me wrong, I love being a part of such a small minority in such a meta oriented game, but the only incentive I have to use them, is just because I enjoy them, which I'm sure the rest of the slim 114,990 voop kills would agree.

With these changes, they aren't practical, at all. With ammo scarcity, you don't have the OHK panicness of a shotgun, nor the range of the sniper. So engagements must be way more thought out, which is fine for me. I've gotten used to doing this with fusions, as that is part of the learning curve. But with the campyness that is trials these days, pushing in with a fusion is soooo much more risky than pushing in with a shotgun or sitting back with a sniper. Also, there is a dead giveaway that someone has a fusion, compared to every other special weapon type (which again, I've gotten used to). People in trials aren't idiots. If they hear a fusion charge, they aren't going to blindly run in, making pushes with fusions even more difficult. It also somewhat gives away my position, again, compared to every other special weapon type.

I appreciate that Bungie went out on a limb to try something different, regardless of how much they tested it. But, because of these ammo changes, they had to have realized that this would happen. I love using fusion rifles so much, and I will continue to use them regardless, but I don't want to see fusions blown to the wayside.

If this continues without changes, it will only decrease. I haven't even checked the rest of the crucible kills with them, but I'm sure they've significantly decreased. At this rate, I can honestly see Bungie being like: Fuck it, no one uses fusions anyways, and we just nerf them inadvertently all the time, lets just take them out of Destiny 2.

TL;DR: Fusion rifles are at an abysmal low of .71% of kills in Trials this week. The lowest percentage of kills for 26 weeks of trials. 26 weeks ago was the first time I even saw a weapon below 1% of kills, Fusion Rifles have now done it 2 weeks in a row. They just aren't efficient or viable with these ammo changes, and that's a problem. Come on voopers! Make our voice heard.

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