Fury warrior solo Mythic Archimonde and Guide for it.

I hope anyone actually interested in it… Guide is for fury warriors, but except some moments should work for other classes.

Kill video: <

That’s all. First Source of Chaos would be 50 sec after you enter last phase so you can use BC and Odyn fury at the start of the phase. After that save your OF for Void Stars and other CDs with DoS for Source of Chaos (except when you can kill Archimonde before next Source of Chaos)

And don’t forget to install DBM for Warlords of Draenor

For other classes: to kill him solo you need to have good selfhealing, abilities like Charge or Disengage to survive Mark of Legion, CDs to kill Source of Chaos instantly and something to kill each void star before they reach you. I think Draught of souls could help on void stars too (not to kill them, but to ignore knockbacks)

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