Funcom, let’s talk gods.

First of all, let me being by saying this is not one of those "my base just got destroyed so now I want this feature out of the game, because it's what allowed people to raid my base". I'd also like to say I've never been raided and I've never raided anyone. That's because I'm a solo player and whenever I get on a server I tell people that I play just for the base building and offer no threat to anyone and if they do plan to raid my base that they should be mindful of that and to take just the chests and benches, which are easily visible and to not destroy the actual structures apart from the entrance door. And to my surprise, people have all been pretty nice and never raided me since the beginning.

Now to the actual point of this post:

Funcom, I get that gods were one of the major selling points of your game and you probably believe it's the one thing that separates you from the already saturated survival genre, but that's not true. What makes your game fun and unique is not just one single aspect of it, but a bunch of small details that make a damn fun game when put together, even on such an early stage. First of them is the setting, we all love Conan and we'd much rather play on this world than on some random madeup planet with no existing lore to immerse ourselves in. Second is the building, you did an amazing job here. Lastly is the thrall system, once you work on the AI and add some more options and interactions, they'll be perfect. But Gods, on the other hand, are detrimental to the gameplay you're trying to achieve.

Bold statement, I know, and a lot of people won't agree with this, but please hear me out and let's have a rational discussion about it.

When I think about raiding I imagine foot soldiers invading a fort with siege engines, and not destroying everything in seconds with a giant flying squid. I believe you should focus on real siege battles if you want to recreate a true feeling of war between clans, and not just explosives and supernatural stuff where clans at "war" with one another just keep summoning gods back and forth multiple times a week, leveling each other's bases to the ground while shit-talking on global chat without ever actually engaging in combat or even seeing one another.

It would be way more engaging and fun if a clan invaded my base using, for instance, a battering ram on my gates, having to drink ambrosia and potions like crazy to push through the arches shooting them from above, while their clan mates destroy my towers from afar with ballistas and trebuchets, then once the gates were down they would all charge in, fending off my army of thralls and looking for my chests. That would be true medieval raiding and would give defenders a chance against attackers.

As it stands, base raiding in this game feels like supernatural Rainbow Six Siege, with overpowered gods and breaching charges, and I believe that's just wrong.

PS. And if you really insist on keeping the summoning of gods in the game, put it on a cooldown. If you summon a god your entire clan gets a debuff not allowing them to summon one again for 15 days or something. Make so that every player that joins the clan automatically gets the debuff as well, for whatever time is has left. And make the summoning item bound to the player that takes it out of the altar, to prevent people from giving it to a different character that is not in the clan and doesn't have the cooldown.

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