FUNCOM, Fix Exploits and Stop Cheater’s BEFORE You Add New Content!

Fix Exploits Before New Content!

Pretty straight forward. We need a way to report people that are cheating. Currently official servers are PLAGUED with cheating and exploiting being done constantly by people who are griefing and its getting pretty obnoxious. There is literally NO incentive to not cheat. No punishment. Nothing can happen to them. But they get all the advantages of aim bots, tracking bots, jump boosts, trident charge jumps, unlimited bombs, etc etc etc.

I'm sure once this goes live the most common comment's will be to go play private servers. I've done that. Last one i was on, Longshot Diplomacy ( Since renamed Address Hostname Exiles! 2x XP All Welcome Fresh Start ) we caught the admins cheating. Chests full of thrall, T3 everything, even stairs lol. (Who the FUCK does T3 stairs on pvp servers). In any case we called them out on it after we leveled there bases, and they banned basically the whole server. In any case finding a good server, that has the thrill of constant pvp that's not an official server? And no cheating admins? Well, Good luck.

I don't want to go to a private server. Shouldn't HAVE to go to a private server. I like the possibility of getting my ass kicked while I'm sneaking back to base, weighed down with 7-800 iron. Its exciting.

I've got a good amount of hours into the game now, 300 according to steam, i'm sure a few of those are me afk in creative mode messing around with building techniques.

I also know this thread is gonna get bombarded with " ITS EARLY ACCESS NOOB STFU GTFO" bla bla. Im still gonna play the game. So suck it nerd. But on with my points.

I get that people are gonna exploit. New stuffs gonna pop up ppl are gonna use it. I get people are gonna grief. I'm ok with it happening a little. Smash someones base to rubble cuz fuck em? Sure go nuts. Avatars . Amirite?

What I'm not ok with us when cheaters are constantly. CONSTANTLY Cheating. Like using overlay aim bots and tracking bots so they can spam arrows at someone sprinting and NAIL them Every time?! or when the same people are exploiting the same glitches over and over and over and over and over.

Jump Exploit/Trident exploit argument – The idea that people need a way up onto mesa's to get after "unraidable" bases is undeniable. But it needs to be a legit way to get them. Trebuchets aint it. Gods aint it. The Jump exploit needs to go however, with or without a legit solution to get to people who build up high. Because its an exploit that not everyone knows how to do, it HAS to be patched asap. I've seen mention of climbing gear and what not, which sounds awesome. Ladders, siege engines and what not. But Do Not Wait for this content to be added, to remove exploits. Patch that shit.

There HAS to be some form of accountability. Even if its a pain in the ass such as a video showing the people Doing the glitches Over and Over again. Start with suspensions. Then drop the hammer.

I cant imagine the dev's want people when asked about this game to be saying its "full of cheaters don't bother". Please for the love of god Do Something about this. Go after these fucking people.

I really enjoy this game. I like the pvp. I like the raiding. I know there is alot that is going to be and needs to be worked on. And thats cool. I wanna help provide feedback. I want the official servers to be warzones. But for the love of god before u start implementing New content, that will have its own glitches and exploits, fix the ones that are already known. Don't let this game fall into the other forever early access titles with cancer official servers.

Agree or disagree, Please comment below.

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