Fun Weapon Ideas.

At the moment, the developers are working on making the game work properly for everyone; but soon in the future they’ll be thinking about adding more content.

So I’ll raise these ideas because I think they’d be fun weapons/tools to add when they do want to expand; IMO, these ideas fit the time period of Blackwake and add some nice variety.


  • Single-shot dual pistols. Fire them both at once or one at a time with M1 and M2, then throw them away and swap to your secondary. Although they cannot be reloaded, they can put out more damage against 2 different targets in a quicker period of time than other primaries, and look cool. 
  • Blowpipe: Fires 5 small poison darts which do no direct damage, but are guaranteed to inflict bleeding immediately and reload quickly. Fires silently; useful for stealth missions while hiding in the enemy’s rigging.
  • Buckler: Small hand-held shield replacing your main gun, which can also be used to punch with M2. Yes, even in the Golden Age of Piracy, shields were still being used! Allows you to block while holding a secondary, and gives you better defense while holding your melee. Useful for boarding.


  • “Dragon” pistol. A miniature blunderbuss-like pistol which sets enemies on fire! Does not set ships on fire, and cannot reload. Useful in emergencies at mid range.


  • Boarding Pike. This weapon is 8 feet long, having superior reach to other melees, making it good for fighting off boarding enemies. However, it is slower to equip, easily blocked, and much slower to attack with.
  • Naval Axe. Used for smashing holes in the enemy ship, cutting their rigging, slashing their sails, and bashing their pump. But can also be decent for combat in a pinch, with high damage despite slow swing speed. Also good for cutting enemy grapples.
  • Cat-O-Nine-Tails. A whip! Does much less damage than any other melee weapon, but has the ability to hit allies who are above 75% health. When you do this, they take some damage, but do tasks and move faster for a brief period of time. You cannot whip allies who have fallen below 75% HP. Allows you to whip a slow crew into shape! Sailors HATE him! 


  • Spyglass: Although we know the devs are already working on this, I just want to talk about how I think it would be useful, other than for spotting enemy ships. If Competitive Blackwake ever becomes a thing, the Spyglass would be a good tool for discovering what the enemy is up to: what sort of shot they’re loading, if they have a guy with a musket aiming at your captain, how many people they have in the rigging and top deck, where holes are in their ship, and so on. This would work sort of like the “Observer” units from competitive Starcraft, which allow you to see the units/buildings the enemy is working on, and begin planning how to counter them.

A skilled, sharp-eyed Spyglass user would be able to quickly spot threats from the enemy and inform his captain of them, so the captain could get his crew on the top deck if the enemy were preparing grapples, for example.

  • Navigator’s Tools- a Map, Compass, Sextant, and Quadrant. This tool allows you to see a map of the area including island locations, shows where you are currently, shows North/East/South/West in your HUD when you hold Q, and shows you the location of ally and enemy ships, updated every 5 seconds.


  • Surgeon’s Kit: Can still do repair jobs, but a bit slower than the normal Repair Kit, because its tools are meant for surgery, not carpentry. In return, the Surgeon’s Kit allows you to heal and bandage up allied players more quickly (and realistically) than just feeding them tea.

Interested to hear your thoughts!

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