Fun Idea – Horrific Driving

Beta was definitely interesting. I was highly intrigued and spent some time playing with friends, which went well. No connection issues. The characters customization options were splendid. The ability to basically manufacture guns was amazing.

Then I got inside a vehicle and it was one of the worst driving experiences in a game that requires driving for some missions. So I tried helicopters… well let's just say, that was pretty bad too. Unfortunately all of the options for traveling in this game are awful.

Character movements and shooting felt a bit frustrating at times as well. It seemed like the bullets travel at about half the speed you would expect a projectile to fly.

I'm sure this sub is mostly populated by people who have either already pre ordered (sigh) or big fans of the game so I expect this to be downvoted out of the gate. But for those of you who are checking in to see information from the beta, beware. It's a clunky game that isn't really recommended as something to buy… just yet. Wait for reviews!

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