From hater to lover.

Hello Ghosts!

I decided to share my journey with this game to whoever cares. First off i have to say that i'm a hc fan of the GR series since the release of the first one back in 2001. And when i played the open beta of GRWL i was utterly disappointed with it. I made my mind not to buy it since i think it has way too many flaws and basic things missing from its core. And by checking my comments you people can see that i was "rallying" against this game. But i was lucky enough to get the game for free and this is what happened.

So i spend 2hrs in-game last night with my 3 friends so we have a full 4 man group. And i have to say i'm a total turncoat now. The game still lacks a variety of basic things that i think should be in the game and the bugs are freaking me out. But O'BOY is the game a lot of fun with friends! Tbh i'd give the game a solid 6/10 in it's current state BUT the fun factor and enjoyment it gives i'll give it a solid 9/10 (haven't yet seen a game i could really give 10/10).

So what i'm saying is that you won't be getting any salt from me anymore 'cause i really enjoy the game. Sure there are many faults but they all can be overseen for the fun and enjoyment i get from it. I wouldn't enjoy it so much soloing so can't really say anything about that. But with friends it's a solid 9/10. If you're thinking about soloing it i would wait for sale. But if you have friends to play with i would easily spend 60€ for this one.

So please accept me back to the community with open hearts and let's bring down that cartel!

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