From a Lawbringer to all you assassins


Today is your day.

You’re off to Great Places

You’re off and away


Brains still in your head

Feet still on your shoes

But I will steer you

The direction I choose


You’re on your own, a true one versus one

When my long-arm hits you, you know you are done


You’ll look up and down bridges,

Look them over with care

Shouting, as I throw you,

“I don’t want to go there”


With your feet in your shoes

Right on the ridge,

You’ll screech, autistically,

as you fall off the bridge.


And you may not find

Any places to fight

In that case, of course,

I’ll say “that’s alright”


I’ll shove you, I’ll push you

From way over there

Where it’s open and empty

(with room to spare!)


To where things can happen,

Perhaps near a wall

Or frequently, if lucky,

Somewhere to fall.


And when these things happen,

Don’t worry! Don’t rage!

Just rematch up,

Up to the next stage!


OH! The places you’ll go!


You’ll be on your way down

And see such great sights,

You’ll join the high fliers

And fall from great heights!


It won’t be lag, your ISP has speed

You just happened to fight, exactly where I need


Whenever you fall, perhaps you’ll be humbled.

I shoved, you fell, just after you stumbled.


Except when you don’t.

Because, sometimes, you won’t.


I’m sorry to say so

And sadly it’s true

But parries

And heavies

Can happen to you.


You can get all hung up

Complain and rage!

But I’ll just move on

Saying “please act your age”


And as I leave, to go throw others off

At my tactics, I know, you simply will scoff.

As we say our “goodbye”s, “good luck”s and “I’ll miss you”s

Remember, dear friend, AD MORTEM INIMICUS!

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