From 20000+ viewers to 420 in 3 weeks. Share your thoughts.

So we got a blast on twitch at the beggining, now the game, for the viewership standpoint, is almost dead .I spoke with many people and the classic arguments are that the pingperfect story had an huge impact; too many days people could destroy buildings with bare fists; once the new officials came up them was not enjoyable cause of the npc spawn griefing; new officials servers crashed 2+ per hours (and still); most of the people don't want to waste their time building to get destroyed in a matter of seconds (prove them wrong 🙂 ).

To me the real reason, that add to the ones above though, is that the game become boring after you experimented his few dynamics. Lvl up building or killing npc and players. Destroy whoever you want in a cheap way in a mtter of seconds and/or get destroyed in the same fashion – stop – repeat. To restart after you get destroyed is not even challenging; you just do the same stuff again just to get that easy 60 second revenge. I spoke too much about the gods part, but I don't want that to feel like is the mother of all issues. The game become repetitive way too fast; we all know that all game are repetitive but in a sandbox would be normal to get this feeling much slower. I think that all things are too easy to do: "Hey guys, wanna raid?- Let's go" that's it no real deep planning because you fear that if something went wrong you gonna have big downsides; "Hey guys how many furnaces do we need?- 5 man – ah ok 6 MINUTES and we're good" there is no real challenge in this. Those are just example that show why the boriness is so quick to get. This is my opinion based on normal PVP experience; how do you feel about the game?

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