Friend suspended for suspicious activity?

Hello, here's the thing.

We do have a decent group, we have some people for scavenging, building, farming – and then there is our 2 guys that straight up go out to kill people – and they're good at it. We met them and picked them up, been playing together and living together for like 9 days now?

Thing is, they got accused of hacking, which I did not believe and the guy accusing said he mailed Daybreak with video evidence but did not want to show it to me.

Now our second builder guy got his account suspended – and in the mail it stated for suspicious activity. Everytime he was online, I was, we did the same things, we manually dismantled bullets, never scrapped cars with bars, did not use any bugs besides building a floating shelter – and I am still fine, but his acc. is suspended. Yet he's waiting for an answer but my question is –

how long does the suspension last – because it doesn't say he's banned.

and how can I find out that ( if those 2 were hacking ) are actually banned? Just if they don't show up anymore?

Or could it be a server issue now with all the lags going on and stuff?

Happy to read answers!

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