Free Practice mode must have these changes asap!


I don't understand why some of these features are not available, some can't be even called a feature, its an essential part, specially if you want to get REALLY advanced with your hero against ALL of the others, here is a list of what must be added :

  • Change Bot difficulty, and Bot hero without going back to the main menu.

  • Add/remove more bots with custom difficulty during the same game to practice 1v2 , 1v3 and 1v4 situations.

  • HUD to show you the pressed keys, and if you manage to do a correct move or combo the game will tell you (like in Mortal Kombat or any other good fighting game)

  • Ability to switch your hero anytime

  • full HP/Stamina control for both you and the bots (disable hp/stamina loss, or set it to a custom value to practice that situation)

And if you Ubisoft REALLY want the player levels to rise to the fucking tops! then :

  • Ability to lock the Bots actions, like in the pre-made tutorial where they keep just doing one thing and let you practice it, well i'd like to do that with all the heroes and all their special "unblockable" moves, etc…

I hope you all agree with this, it will really make the overall experience for all of us much much better!



WOW! i never expected such number of upvotes 😀 ! thank you all and am glad we all share the same thoughts!

And since this post is at the subreddit front page now, am gonna get greedy and ask for one little thing :

  • Dear Ubi, we know that the p2p system is a necessity for now, and probably wont change for the next 6 or 12 months, and that's okay, what is not okay, is waiting up to 10 minutes for game to start while staring at the screen doing nothing at all, so please allow us to customize our heroes, emblems, browse the $hop while we're waiting, but you know what will give us an honorgasm ? practicing while waiting for matchmaking , i mean, who enter the battle without a warm up ? you don't want our heroes to leave the game with a huge neck strain don't you :3 ?

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