Found out yesterday that thunderstorms are bad for everyone, not just Link

I didn't know where to post this story but I just HAD to tell it. Hands down the greatest moment in my gaming history.

So I'm hanging out by the hills with the little stone rings all over the place, the one where Kass is just hanging out on a rock playing his Italian restaurant-ass music. I'm trying to solve the puzzle to open the shrine. Thunderstorm blows in, so I unequip all my metal stuff, pretty much standard procedure at this point. I'm standing on a rock trying to survey the area, find where I'm supposed to do my thing that bro Kass was singin' about. Suddenly, the air starts sparking next to me, at the base of the rock.

Keep in mind I just unequipped all my metal gear. I'm like, "what in the shit? Maybe lightning just does this sometimes?" Despite this never happening before to me. So I sit and wait it out, and sure enough a bolt strikes the ground right at the base of the rock. Doesn't damage me. I go down to check it out, see if something attracted the lightning. I find a lone katana. I haven't seen one of these yet at this point and I'm like super hyped because YOO STORM KATANA. But when I pick it up it says it's a weapon of the Yiga Clan. Now the gears in my brain start moving. Did I kill a Yiga dude here before and forget to pick this up? How could I have missed a fucking katana? I look nearby and I see it and the whole story comes together.

A lone bunch of Mighty Bananas, a bit further down the hill.

Tl;dr Yiga Clan tries to assassinate me in the middle of a hurricane, gets killed by a lightning strike before he can even spring the trap. This is why you bring wooden weapons to a storm fight.

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