Forever 99% Stealth. I hate the rebels.

First off I love the game and I am having a blast.

One of my biggest issues is that while completing missions, on several different occasions, the rebels have shown up for no reason and decided to blow my cover to smithereens, or even do something that won't let me progress without a risky action.

Last night while preparing to blow up a large cocaine stash, I had gone in at night so most of the cartel was asleep. I had about 2/3 of the enemies down, and had just the sleeping guards left plus a few on patrol. Suddenly, the rebels come and "try" to steal a large moving truck from the entrance. In doing so, they couldn't reverse it out, so they ended up blowing up the truck, which WOKE ALL OF THE CARTEL UP. I had spent a good 20 minutes setting everything up, taking out each enemy, and anything else in my way. After they came, I just had to so in weapons free and finish. It was disheartening.

Similar issue, I was completing a mission that required me to hijack a bank truck and store it at a compound. Everything was fine, until I got to the compound. I proceeded to take out the few guards, and when I came back to my stolen truck, a group of rebels had shown up to take it. Luckily, thanks to their poor driving skills, he could not get it turned around, so i had him blocked. The problem came because I could not enter the truck without killing the rebel driver. I had to risk failing the mission by killing him so I could get back into MY stolen truck.

Ubi, can we just talk about the Rebels? Can I please have a skill called "No Rebel Help" so they can just stay away from me and my missions? I would greatly appreciate it.

Also, I am curious if anyone else is having similar issues.

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