For those people defending this game with “well, me and my friends had fun playing”

I don't doubt it when you say you and your friends were having a blast. But understand something, there is a group of players who've been around since the early Ghost Recon days who also used to have fun playing the Ghost Recon franchise because believe it or not, there was a time when Ghost Recon meant tactical realistic gameplay ranging from in depth command controls, smart A.I, realistic sounding weapons, etc.

For those of us who have friends who like to play tactical realistic games (especially 3rd person ones) Ghost recon was once one of the most prestigious innovative tactical games you could get your hands on. Now the game is catered to short attention span, unlimited respawn loving players, who love No Risk/Only Reward type of games that hold your hand as you play (and yes I play on Ghost difficulty with limited/no Hud and there's still little challenge for anyone who has experience playing tactical shooting games).

-Poorly responsive A.I (plenty of threads on this)

-No sync shot with A.I squad when playing with HUD off

-Unlimited Respawns during encounters with enemies

-Big dull maps with repetitive run and fetch system (Ubisoft open world games are known for this)

-Bullets that have the same trajectory as Airsoft BB's

-Enemy and teammate gun sounds are almost non existent

-PS2 era muzzle flash visuals of NPC's

-No PvP for a Ghost Recon game so longevity can only come from playing against poorly designed NPC's (See post below)

-Enemies spawn in same spots over and over when having to replay missions/outposts = repetitive.

-Rejuvenating Health instead of no medpacks or first aid kits for a military shooting game?

-Escape from Tarkov "gunsmith" makes GRW's gunsmith look like childsplay

Those are just a few reasons why me and my friends who appreciate challenging games with realism can't have fun playing this game, because our fun comes from gameplay that is highly difficult and unforgiving at least when playing on the highest difficulty. GRW, for the first time in the games history, has neglected that aspect for some reason, leaving the tactical realism players out to dry even though they were the ones to keep the Ghost Recon franchise alive during it's inception.

Instead of posting "well just don't buy the game" , "It's still just in Beta" or some other poorly developed response, could you possibly understand how even though you and your friends are having fun, there is a huge population of the games market (tactical players) who can't have fun because the franchise they depended on for their 3rd person tactical realistic shooter experience no longer exist.

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