For the love of God don’t let DMBrandon into the For Honor eSports scene… I beg you. He’s the worst.

*Edited to add this: It begins. He's already starting controversy.

For the uninitiated, DMBrandon was a HiRez employee. HiRez is the company that created and runs Smite. Brandon was also one of their main casters for their tournaments etc..

He was FIRED from HiRez for shitting on a person contemplating suidide!

And that was just one of MANY such events and the straw that broke the camel's back for HiRez… finally. He was such a douche to everyone.

This guy is one of the worst people I've ever had the displeasure of listening to. He was an absolute plague on the Smite gaming scene as well as abusive to fans, viewers and even the pro players themselves.

I urge EVERYONE to do some research on this guy and then make the humane decision of cutting him OUT of anything you support in the For Honor scene, for the good of the community. He is a cancer on the scene.

Here's some references: Here's the reddit thread about the suicidal person. Notice that "Brandon Nance" filed a copyright claim against it to get it pulled down because he doesn't want evidence of this out there. I also linked an article about it with the quotes word for word from the stream since he deleted all the proof of it to hide out and weasel his way back in to another community. * * * * *

Just another post about his attitude and the way he acts toward people.

Please, go and look up what a piece of crap this guy is.

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