For Honor Round 2 Totals

Total Territories Taken

Knights Vikings Samurai
1183 1263 974

Total Turns Won

Winner Sum of Turns Won
Tie Knights/Vikings 2
Vikings 29
Samurai 8
Knights 18

All of this sort of means nothing as we have NO idea how they quantify War Assets for a Faction. We are assured that the points are weighted so the population of a given Faction doesn't matter. However, we have no idea how that's calculated or even if it's working correctly.

The Vikings also dominated in Territories Taken and Turns Won in Round 1. To me, this shows that there could be an issue with how War Assets are being calculated. For all we know the Vikings may either A. Have a larger population than the other Factions (though I haven't found any REAL stats on Faction population whatsoever) B. Are hitting some sort of sweet spot in population that gives them an advantage. or C. There's something I'm not even thinking of that's screwing with the numbers. Edit: D. The Vikings really are just dominating in whatever this competition is.

At the end of the day, their goal is (or should be) to have a competition that matters (in the sense that your participation MEANS something) and can be won by any Faction regardless of how many people are playing that Faction. I'm not sure that this is the case currently.

The question isn't, "Why is the Faction War working like it is?" the REAL question is, "How is the Faction War working?". We can't say "X should have won." without knowing how they are quantifying things. If Vikings just have more players than other Factions and it's not calculating the weight of Knights/Samurai correctly because of that then this odd way they are handling the faction wars is as fair a way as any other.

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