For Honor is the best video game I have ever played that I regret purchasing

Disclaimer: I will be ignoring all connection issues for this post. They're game breaking, but everyone knows that, and I'm sure Ubisoft is already trying to fix them.

I was completely on board the For Honor hype train after watching some streams of the beta. Purchased it on day 1, played it non-stop for its first week of release. What an extraordinary game. I can honestly say I don't think I've ever played a video game with as beautiful and fun of a combat system as For Honor.

Then I got into week 2 and everyone started getting 108 gear scores. That's when my view of the game changed.

If I wanted to run any character other than my Conqueror main, I would be left completely unable to compete in any match I play. At my current level, the majority of games I face will be against either four 108 level players, or three 108's and their friend leveling an alt. If I bring any character into the fight who is not level 108, I'm left being killed in 2 hits by an opponent I need to strike 10 times to kill, who also gets nearly permanent revenge mode.

But, that's not what ruins the game for me. What ruined the game for me was the realization that the horrible balance in gear score was done intentionally to force people to spend real money on microtransaction steel packs.

I spent $60 on this game. And now they want to nickle and dime me for microtransactions? And then on top of that, they want me to spend $40 for a season pass?

Absolutely not.

For Honor is an incredible game. I love it, I really and truly do. But gear score to encourage microtransactions has ruined it for me. I was glad to spend $60 to support the game. And honestly, spending $40 for a season pass to further support it and get some great new characters, maps, and game modes would be something I would be okay with as well. But the moment they expect me to spend $100 on a core game and then spend more money on microtransactions just so my character can have a high enough gear score to compete with others is too much.

As long as Ubisoft continues to treat their customers this way, I will no longer be purchasing games from them.

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