For Honor: In Depth Gear Guide

I’ve seen various videos, and not so many Reddit posts that discuss how gear works but don’t get all the facts correct or missed some things. So here is an in depth gear guide for anyone confused on how gear works, or curious to how to get the best gear/when to get it. A lot of you probably already know a lot of this, but when I was trying to figure out how to use my crates, there was nothing online and I had to ask 6+ people in game until I finally got an answer. This will be an in-depth guide on how gear works in For Honor, including everything we currently know as of 2/27/2017.

This guide is meant to be a reference point for anyone unsure of the specifics of their gear or the gear they want, as well as a manual for new players.

Notes: When I say randomly drop, I mean drop as a reward after a match. If I missed something, stated incorrectly or you know something that I said I wasn’t sure of, feel free to tell me

GEAR: As far as we know, gear comes in three varieties. Common, rare, and heroic. Gray, blue, and purple. You get common gear for every hero, regardless of prestige. It looks pretty lame and its stats are negligible. Rare, or blue gear becomes available at Reuptation 1, but has a low chance of dropping for random drops. Heroic, or purple gear becomes available at Reputation 3, but like blue gear, is unlikely to randomly drop. Purple > Blue > Gray. Heroic gear is the highest level of gear so far, I’ve seen people at Reputation 9-12 who haven’t gotten upgrades. There might be higher gear upgrades in the future. As your reputation increases, the chances of heroic gear dropping becomes more common.

GEARSCORE: Gearscore is an attribute that all players have. Its represented in the small colored box by your name during load screens for matches. You can also find your gear score while customizing your character, but the game also gives you an individual gear score for armor and weapons. There are only six slots available for every hero, three armor and three weapon slots. The level of each individual piece of gear equipped adds up to your total gear score. The color of your gear score seems to change from gray to blue around 40-45, from blue to purple around 70-80, and from purple to gold when you reach max gear score, 108. Gearscore is simply an indicator of how high level you or your opponents gear is.

GOLD GEARSCORE and FACTION SCRAP METAL: Max gear score, 108, the shiny gold square that everybody wants. The only way to get “gold” gear is by having six pieces of purple gear equipped, and each fully upgraded. There is no actual gold gear in the game, just gold gearscore. Heroic gear at Reputation 1 drops at level 13, and the max it can be upgraded is level 18. Six pieces of level 18 gear add up to 108, which is a gold gearscore. Yes you can upgrade gear. It will cost increasingly high amounts of steel and faction scrap for each level. It gets VERY expensive when upgrading heroic gear. Faction scrap is gained by scrapping gear pieces, which will add scrap to that ENTIRE factions bank. So you can scrap all your heroic gear on a Kensei and then use that scrap to upgrade an Orochi’s armor. Faction scrap is represented by the anvil in the bottom right of your character customization screen.

OBTAINING HEROIC GEAR: Like previously mentioned, Heroic gear only becomes available at Rep 3. But also previously mentioned, the chances of it dropping randomly at Rep 3 are extremely unlikely. However, scavenger crates at rep 3 will ALWAYS net at least one piece of heroic gear. The Armor, Weapon and Normal gear crates will ALWAYS only net two blues and one purple. The Random 5-Gear crate will net with 3 Blues + 2 Purples, or sometimes 2 Blues + 3 Purples if you get lucky. However, as you continue to increase your reputation level, purple gear becomes much more common and will drop at higher levels, and from what I understand can randomly drop. And gear crates will give more purples as you get higher rep (as far as I know, cannot confirm).

UNIQUE HEROIC GEAR: Out of the heroic gear, sometimes you will unbox a piece that has a star next to it. From what I’ve seen, this unique gear only applies to weapons. You might’ve seen them before in game, the Raider has a gold/green plated axe head, the Warden’s Gilgamesh hilt, the Orochi red blade. They’re basically just heroic pieces of gear that drop much, much less frequently, and look snazzy, some might say gaudy. They don’t have any added benefits above regular heroic gear, its all aesthetic.

For example, the Kensei has the Murasame set. The blade gets a red/gold pattern engraved in interior of the blade, the hilt is a fancy gold one, and the handle has a red/black snakeskin pattern with a Buddha engraving and a gold lions head at the bottom.

BEST WAY TO MAX GEAR SCORE: There are two options to get the best gear. The first way is to wait until Reputation 3, then blow all your crates and steel on scavenger crates. Ideally you want to open the 5 Piece crates until you get a majority of the gear you want, since these crates will net two purples. Then you can open weapon and armor crates until you find the specific pieces you want. I did it this way, and I do NOT recommend doing this. The chances of you getting a full set of heroic gear with all the stats you want are low. I spent 9 crates from the campaign and 18K~ steel that I had saved specifically for this, and I was very short on funds. I had to buy a 10k steel pack just to finish getting the gear I wanted and then had to spend around 15K more steel to upgrade it all to level 18. It is VERY, very expensive. All the people you saw on day three of the game with 108 gear either paid a LOT for steel packs, or played 24/7 and saved every last penny AND got lucky with the crate openings.

The second way to do it, which I now recommend, is to just be patient. Wait until you hit Rep 4 or 5, and you will start getting Heroic gear much more frequently, and it will come in higher levels. So you might get the piece of gear you wanted just by playing, and it might also be a higher level, so you won’t have to spend as much upgrading it. If you don’t get the gear you want, you can just get rid of it for a hefty amount of scrap. Also from what I’ve been told, you will start getting more and more purple gear in crates the higher reputation you are. So obviously this way will take more time, but in the long run it will be worth it.

SAVING GEAR & CHANGING LOOKS: There is no reason to save gray and blue gear in your inventory. The only reason would be so that you could change the look of the gear to a piece you really liked. HOWEVER, the game doesn’t let you. You can only change the look of purple gear to that of other purple gear. I’m not certain about blue and gray compatibility, but once you’re running all purples it wont matter anyway. So scrap all your blues and grays that you aren’t using until you get a full set of purple, then scrap it all.

GEAR STATS: I thought I would briefly mention the gear stats, what they do and how they work, so that you can make an informed decision on how you want to build your hero. Obviously hero weapons and armors vary, but they all have the same stats. I’m not going to bother attributing each set of stats to every piece in the game, but these are how each of the stats are combined on each piece of armor or weapon. Heroic gear stats work like this: One stat will be extremely high, one will be high as well, not as much but still enough to make a huge difference, and the last stat will be basic or very low. So you’re giving up one stat for two very good stats essentially.


1a) Block Damage Resistance: Certain attack deal chip damage. Chip damage meaning, even though you blocked you still take a sliver of damage. Some heroes have passive that amplify their chip damage. This stat increases your resistance to chip damage, meaning that the more of it you have, the less damage you will take from blocked attacks.

1b) Revive Speed: How fast you revive your teammates.

1c) Stamina Regen: How fast you recover your stamina, while you are not exhausted (in the gray, out of breath).

2a) Execution Health Regen: Amount of health regained by executions.

2b) Block Damage: How damage chip damage you deal on certain attacks. Obviously this stat works better for characters like Shugoki, who will likely get blocked often. But you can still deal damage even if you get blocked.

2c) Sprint Speed: How fast you sprint.

3a) Debuff Resistance: This stat is kind of unique, and in my opinion kind of broken. It does a lot of things. The first is it gives you resistance to those annoying Feat debuffs that certian characters have, that lower your damage and health etc. It only applies to debuffs on you. As far as I know, it doesn’t decrease affect or damage of traps. The second aspect is that it decreases the amount of bleed damage you take. The third aspect is it decreases convalescence time from stun, as well as parry recovery. In other words, when somebody parries you, your character is in a vulnerable state for a certain period of time, where you cannot act. This stat decreases that time.

3b) Revenge Mode Duration: How long your revenge mode lasts.

3c) Exhaustion Recovery: This is how fast your character regains his breath when out of stamina. In other words, how fast you start to regenerate stamina when you are exhausted. It does not apply to how fast the stamina bar refills, that is what Stamina Regen does.


A1) Throw Distance: How far you throw people.

A2) Revenge Mode Attack: How much damage you do in revenge mode.

A3) Revenge Gain by Injury: How much the revenge meter builds when you take damage.

B1) Feat Cooldown Reduction: How fast your feats come back up.

B2) Revenge Mode Defense: How much damage you take while in revenge mode.

B3) Revenge Gain by Defense: How much the revenge meter builds when you take damage.

C1) Attack: How much damage you normally do.

C2) Defense: How much damage you normally take.

C3) Stamina Cost Reduction: How much stamina your attacks, rolls, dodges, etc. cost.

TIPS: I just wanted to mention two things. The first is that a lot of people underestimate debuff resistance. With it full, you can make some of the most pesky characters (Nobushi and PeaceKeeper), nigh useless, because their bleeds will do NO BLEED damage if Debuff Resist is maxed out. They will still do base damage. And if you ignore this stat and let it drop extremely low, you will take a ton of bleed damage. Secondly, it decreases the time you’re in a blinded state when stunned by say, Raider top light stun, which to some people might be a big deal. Thirdly, when its highly upgraded it will decrease the time your character recovers from a parry. That may not seem like a big deal, but with high DR, you can get parried and recover in time to counter-guard break, which is impossible to do normally. Seriously, if you don’t want to be a scumbag revenge build, then build high DR, its seriously good.

This video showcases it.

Secondly, this is how revenge builds work. Aka the build that fucking everybody runs because that shit is OP. Low Revenge Duration, high revenge gain by injury and defense. So basically you get a full revenge bar by blocking two hits, then you activate it and stagger your opponent, and then it runs out in 5 seconds and you do it again. There’s no real reason to have high revenge duration, because all it does it make your attacks uninterruptible. This might seem cool, but any good player will just block the attack regardless. I’ve seen very good players who essentially can never die, because as soon as they take damage they pop revenge, stagger the enemy and two hit them, then do it again two seconds later. Use the environment, people. Headbutt spam that motherfucker into a ravine if you have to.

PostScript: If I missed anything, or you know something that I don’t, failed to mention or simply stated incorrectly, please let me know so I can make the necessary changes. And feel free to ask me any other questions I might not have addressed.

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