For Honor, Honor Rules #26

When thou enemy lacks unity in thy will to fight, fight honorably still, for it is thy duty.

So I'm playing 4v4 Dominion as Shugoki (Usually Valkyrie but I like WWE takedowns) and my opponent's team has one Nobushi running around trying to capture zones, kill us, and get points. Where are her allies? 2 bots and an Orochi running circles in the wrong game-mode. This Nobushi, her team breaking at about 1100 to 500 score, has persevered this entire match without once giving up. I saw the blue indicator running circles earlier and wanted dibs on that kill. So I rush my fat Shugoki ass across the map right before th enemy team breaks and come face-to-face with the recently spawned Nobushi & the Orochi running circles. Both bots are down an my team is on its way.

What happened next can only be defined as the greatest moment of honorific respect I could possible imagine. No mics. We're all strangers. Ps4. So no advanced text chat. I walk right past this Nobushi as she stares at me and 2 hit this Orochi, and crush his ass under a ton of demon ass. The others show up, there's still time on the clock. And without a word the Raider on our team move up, bows (chest thrust), and takes his guard against the Nobushi. Our match turns into a 1v1 tournament fight against this Nobushi. Who has some serious skill as we soon found out. Raider drops with the Nobushi at about 50% max health, and our resident Kensi steps up to prove who the best warrior under the Eastern Sun is. Dude gets wrecked. This Nobushi's still working close to 20% health. MVP match here. Our highest scorer (A Lawbringer Obviously) moves in, and for the first time in my life I see an LB use a full emote without spamming fist bumping pelvic thrusts. And these two fight for a full minute, this Nobushi just not giving up as our LB rushes her with a flurry of stagger & unblockable attacks. Despite it all though, this LB turned out to be a greater beast than she could conquer. And in the final moment of this epic game our LB literally raised this Nobushi into the air on an Impaler execution as everyone fell to their knees with respective end game emotes.

I've not had a lot of great experiences with For Honor. But this… This was the most beautiful thing to ever occur in my video gaming life. Fare the well. Sweet Nobushi.

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