For D2, do NOT take content away then re-release again as “new.”

After 2.5 years I've come to accept many of the mistakes/shortcomings of D1. But one thing I'm still not ok with is Bungie leaving stuff behind, then re-releasing as "new." Heck, one of the MAIN selling points of Rise of Iron was gjallarhorn. "Its Back. In Black." Well…why was it ever gone?

We're about to go through the same thing with raids. I know this is what a lot of people have wanted for a long time…but I just hate the circle jerk. Here we are 2.5 years later, the last update of D1, and we're rewrapping a raid that came out at release.

Ok fine. Great. I just hope in another few years we're not downloading updates where we're given original D2 content "back."

EDIT: Seen a lot of arguments to the contrary, such as "It's free. Why do you care?" Or, "They never took it away. It was always available."

I think some of you are missing my point. Personally, I don't care if they leave content behind for good or leave it all relevant. My beef is with the notion that we're being given "new" or "more" content when it's just reskins and refreshes. DeeJ said on the latest stream, "Its the largest record book we've ever created!!" And I just rolled my eyes.

Call it what you want, except for "new". Because it's not. And if it's free? Great. But don't think that qualifies as a substitute for actual new content. Again, D1 is done. Not angry. Just hoping for better with the sequel.

Edit 2: Probably my biggest example of what I'm talking about is when they released new versions of PoE guns when they updated that. But if you already had the Y1 versions you couldn't get Y2. You had to earn them again. Forget that…I earned them once. Don't think I ever went back into PoE again. No thanks.

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