Flickering Ritual should be changed or removed (Clash player here)

The Flickering Ritual is completely balance ruining, game-altering thing that should not exist. It’s not just about MOTD modes, limitless gold games or whatever. It hurts normal games too. I don’t play much Conquest but in Clash it’s the worst thing (I know there are players that only say Conquest is a real thing but come on, lets skip that discussion here).

Every endgame is basically a game of flickering. All skill based ults like Anubis ult are useless. Loki/Ao have 2 blinks. even 3 if counting normal blink item. The game becomes broken. I know what HiRez was thinking because I remember the days when Combat Blink was a thing… but it was removed from the game for a reason.

Besides… in the old days getting Combat Blink could really bite you in the butt because that thing had cooldown counted in months and was sitting there blocking your active slot like an old lady by the cash register when you wait in the line behind her.

The new combat blink resets every time you return to base (Yeah I know you have to buy it but let’s face it, we’re talking about end-game where you constantly have ~2k gold to spend on stuff) and you can use it as often as you want. It’s out of control. I’ve never seen something so much out of balance in this game… and saying this about Smite says a lot, don’t you think?

I believe I don’t only speak for myself here when I say I don’t want to have combat blink in this game. And I say that as a person that kept using it in previous seasons. I say it as a person that understood why it was bad. I say it as a person that plays gods with no blink/leap that could use Flickering Ritual in all sorts of chasing/running away scenarios. And as for now I DO use it. I use it to win games, because if I don’t use it, enemy will do it regardless. And I’ve used it to get out of countless dangers or to kill countless enemies and all I can say is – it strips all the fun, it makes gods skills useless and turns the game into “who didn’t buy another blink yet looses the game” thing.

So, what could be the solution?

  • Remove it from the game, simple as that
  • Add a cooldown before you can buy new Ritual. If they really want to have this item in the game, make it harder to use. Give it 2 minutes cooldown before you can buy a new one. Then 3 minutes before you can buy it 3rd time. Then 4 minutes. Or anything like that!
  • At very, very least, increase its price. Like… 5 times or more. Because 750 gold at endgame (in Clash at least…) is like nothing.
  • Make it do silly fart noises to stress out how shitty it is.

What are your thoughts? Are you happy with “every god is Loki now” playstyle?

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