Fix found for low FPS bug

Symptoms: Low fps, I get around 25 fps on both ultra and low graphics settings. When switching from ultra to low, instead of the fps increasing as expected, GPU usage decreases and fps stays the same. I have tried changing every single graphics setting and none of them make a difference.

Fix: Alt-Tab out of the game and exit Discord completely by choosing "Quit Discord" from the tray icon, go back to the game and after about 10 seconds the fps will return to normal. But you need Discord right? That's ok because after you exit it you can immediately restart Discord and the game will still be fine. If you exit the game and relaunch it later you may have to restart Discord again to fix fps.

Steps to reproduce bug: Run Discord in the background, i'm not sure how long it takes or if putting the computer in sleep mode has anything to do with it. But if you restart the computer and Discord runs at startup you can launch the game and it will work fine, It's not until Discord has been running for a long time that this bug will appear. Also if you launch the game before discord has been running for a long time the game will be fine for as long as it is still running, you can run the game and Discord all day and the bug won't show up until you quit and relaunch the game after Discord has been running for a long time.

I doubt this bug is hardware related but here's my hardware list anyway in case anyone wants to know: *i7-3770K *GeForce GTX 970 *16GB RAM *80GB system SSD *250GB game SSD (Conan is installed here) *2560×1440 monitor resolution I usually get around 60fps, graphics settings are all on Low except for ultra view distance and ultra textures.

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