Five weather modes being tested per Tech Insider stream with PU right now. Sunny, Rain, Fog, Cloudy with no rain, dusk and early morning mist.


Updates: Streamer asked about rocket launchers, PU said probably not but they've been looking at M203 underbarrel m16 launchers, but it doesn't seem very likely as of now for the core game mode. Same goes for dual wielding pistols, not very realistic when trying to reload two pistols in battle.

-More cosmetics will be added soon and there will be no paid-content until after release.
-Lots of great content to come but their main focus is to work as fast they can on patches for both framerates and server lag.

-Have devs looking at the console platform and it's going to happen, but not until the PC version is fully done.

-Bullet drop and spread mechanics are still a work in progress.

-Weapon damage and armor stats are still a work in progress (they're close to where they want to be but obviously will continue balancing/fixing damage done.)

-Directional audio is still a work in progress and a huge focus. The main dev on this feature is an ex CS pro-tier player.

-"Map is meant to be sort of a forgotten island somewhere in the black sea and Soviets during the war to use as a military base.. then was abandoned due to an "accident". Basic gist of it. PU big fan of brutalist architecture and very proud of the map. If you didn't know the map is named "Erangel" in relation to PU's daughter Eireann.

-Even more variety will be trickled into the current map so we have a few more interior models and such.

They're constantly brainstorming circle speed ideas and firmly believe the only thing that should kill you is other players (if playing within the basic rules). Changes will come soon to circle speeds and new mechanics may be tested.

PU says the constant barrage on twitter harassing him to "fix the game" does get him down, as if they aren't working their asses off already.. The dude only sees his daughter once every 6 weeks because of his dedication to the game. But there's also a very positive side of the community that loves it and he says it means a lot when those people send messages on twitter as well. And no they aren't going to fire the artists to speed up patching (heavy laughter).

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