Fire team trading for D2

Ok so I have been having a pretty decent discussion in another thread about implementing fire team trading system in destiny 2. So I figured I would make a separate thread in hopes we could get some good discussion going on it.

Heads up I am on mobile so forgive me if I get auto corrected. Also this is going to be really long. You can skip down to the number area if you just want to see what guidelines I would like to see in place.

TL:DR: Transfer system between players with the right balance of restrictions would help alleviate the salt and rage in the game. RNG is a fickle beast and being able to help a fellow fire team member would be awesome.

Why would we need something like this? I will explain what happened to my dedicated 3 man fire team and how it could have been avoided.

Once upon a time there was a great and powerful rocket launcher. It had these wondrous stars that would shoot out like an explosion of light and sparkles. It was incredibly deadly. Like a pack of hungry wolves. My fire team ran nightfalls on all our characters every week. Tuesday night was like Christmas every week. Baited anticipation just waiting for those sweet rewards, palms sweaty hoping and praying for the legend itself. The yellow goddess of destruction with wolves heads adorning it. Well I was the first to received the legend and my fire team was happy. We finally had one in the group. Our mission then was to get one for the other two members as well. Alas, the iron lords were not looking down and raining blessings upon us. I would end up with 5 gjallehorns over the next year. Friends went from happy to salty to down right mad every time I received one. This is where their hatred of destiny started. The seeds had been planted and were waiting for the right time to sprout and bloom into complete raging if fire. It happened on a nightfall when I was out of town. On vacation. My two friends carried another friend through. The new guy was not strong enough to survive much so he just stayed back. He was watching YouTube videos on his phone through out the strike. Then disaster struck and the seed sprang up and bloomed into a rage worthy of the gods. The golden legend dropped. 0 kills and he received the gjallehorn. Both members of my fire team rage quite that day and the rage will never go away. Every game, every random drop whether it's in a YouTube video or is playing another game, brings up bitter jokes about destiny and the RNG. The bitterness will be with them for a long time. It will be with all of us.

If I could have transferred an item to them they could have had one and never rage quit the game. The salt would have never flowed. All the stories of those other people's hopes and dreams smashed due to rng like we had could have been avoided.

So how would a transfer system work and not create a massive imbalance or some weird Chinese economy? Here's my ideas.

  1. Transfers between players would require the player to be in your fire team for the duration of the the event the reward is received. Example: Nightfall. If a player joins half way through they are not eligible to receive a transfer. Raids would work in stages as rewards are received in stages and can be completed at different times. So the raid would work off of checkpoints. Must be in fire team when starting from a checkpoint.

  2. Transfers to another player would follow light level designs as if the player got the drop themselves. Example: I receive last word at 400 light and fire team member that was with me for the duration of nightfall is 383 light. I decide to transfer the last word to him the gun would then convert to a light level appropriate to him. So say around 385. This would prevent people from transferring a bunch of 400 light items to friends to level them up.

  3. The amount of transfers a week would be limited to a certain amount per account. I am thinking 1 or 2 a week. Could follow weekly reset times as well. This would prevent farming. You only get a shot once or twice a week.

  4. Constraints on the item itself. The player getting the drop could not equip the item or transfer it to their vault or another character. These actions would render it untransferable. The item must be transferred within 2 minutes of completion of the activity/checkpoint the item was dropped in. So you couldn't hold onto something for a week and then decide to give it to someone.

  5. There is no requirement for something to be transferred in response. So it wouldn't be a trading system. This is why I call it a transfer system. A way to pass an item to a friend if you don't need said item.

I think with these constraints it would allow fire team members to help each other out in a sensible way. It would cover and prevent the Chinese farming of items. The paid carry system like people do in trials would be an issue but a very small one. Would you be willing to pay some random guy money to go through a nightfall or raid in hopes he gets the item you want? What happens when you get the drop and he doesn't? Does he refund you the money? What happens when the item doesn't drop for anybody? I don't see very many people paying money for that rare of a chance. It wouldn't create a crazy economy in the game because there is no way to use money to buy items from others or adjust prices at vendors. All that is fixed.

As far as the others will be outfitted with good gear, yeah, other people will have good gear. If you have to rely on being the only one with a god roll eyasluna to be good in the crucible, you are not good in the crucible. You are using your random rng luck of a gun to beat others. The meta for the game changes constantly. The bigger question in that argument should be why the crucible allows stat rolls on weapons to affect the game. With an rng system in place allowing stat rolls on weapons and different weapons to have such an impact. That is a whole other discussion.

What are your thoughts and opinions? What do you think?

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