Finally ordered my T-Shirt – A Guardian’s report

Hello, Fellow Guardians,

Yesterday, after finding myself locked on 85% on the AoT book, I decided to do something about it.

Easier nodes, the warlock, titan and hunter orbs/grenades/melee.

After two hours of heavy farming on The Dark Below mission – kill thralls, acolytes, rocket yourself, repeat… The nodes were done. 96%. Close…

Find a raid, me and a mate, and four random players. We get to the Zamboni. Wipe after wipe – don't get me wrong, from ten premature deaths, mine counted for at least seven… I was tired…

Me and my mate decided to leave. in orbit, I find another raid. Aksis, phase two.

We muscled up, tore his Siva enhanced buttocks to shreds.

Got the emblem, the hand canon and my pride back. 98%.

Now it's two o'clock. I have to get up to work at seven. 2%. Screw this "sleep" thing.

I find an easy node. 2% missing from my bounties. Fire up the Strikes. Omnighul… ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I LOVE THAT STRIKE FOR MEDALS!

Finish it up, 99%. That's already 2:15 in the morning… I can hear birds singing outside my window. Maybe I'm hallucinating…

One last node, Titan, pending one kill buffed by any bubble.

I jump into clash, hand canon, and die several times, load my bubble, die, load it again, and, behold, an opponent jumps in front of me. Headshot. 2:29. Talk to Zavala.


I finally order my t-shirt, and go to bed.

It's 3:00.

In the morning, I text my group. No more late nights wasted on Destiny.

My friend replies:

"Only until September and Destiny 2…"


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