FFS Ubisoft: add colorblind safe options!

This is utterly insane to me, and as a colorblind person I can't be the only one: having played for 3 weeks now, it is patently clear to me that my skill level in this game is capped by virtue of the red attack indicators. I have tried, and failed, to improve my blocking, but I simply cannot get fast enough because I can't see the damned indicators in time to react!

It is 2017, we have a game that relies on single digit frame reaction times to do well, and the only indicator is dark red that usually appears on a brown background. Even if you only had the most passing knowledge of what color blindness is, you would know that this is probably the single worst choice of palette for this very important indicator.

I have obviously been colorblind my whole life, and I've been gaming for more than 30 years, and put up with a lot of annoying color related shit, but this is the first time I've actually gotten angry about the fact that my ability to play a game has been has been significantly compromised… that's how piss poor this design decision has been.

Can you please, for the benefit of the 10%, throw us a bone with regards to the attack indicators? I would take an option to just make them blue, let alone some more researched, effective colorblind safe color. I have never in my life felt more handicapped as when I watch myself whiff block after block because of the extra time it takes me to register the indicator location.

EDIT: I forgot to mention Guard Breaks. I can count on one hand the number of times I've successfully countered a GB, not because of the timing weirdness (supposedly fixed today on Xbox?), but because the red GB indicator is the god damn hardest one to see of all. Dark red, directly on top of the character model. I literally never see it coming until the guy is up in my face; my finger does not even make it to the X button because there was nothing for me to react to. I have some chance with blocking, because the indictors are towards the edges of the character models (except for attacks coming from the left, which are by far the hardest see, since they overlap my character model as well), but GB? Forget it. Fix it, please.

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