Fever and Remedy is a lot better now for PvP

Fever and Remedy was always pretty unique for a Legendary hand cannon.

It's the only one with 81 Impact (Eyasluna-tier) and Accurized Ballistics, giving it a damage boost.

The problem in the past though that you had to use Reinforced Barrel to max out its Range, which really tanked your Stability when combined with Accurized.

But now, that's not an issue! Accurized+Hammer Forged is totally viable since Range is no longer tied heavily to how accurate your shots are. Sure it doesn't have max Range but it's still rather high. (Like Hawkmoon, which has been getting love lately.)

So here's what F&R offers now. It does 88 crit damage and 59 body shot damage, so that means:

  • 206 damage with a 1 crit, 2 body shots. Even Guardians with 11 Armor die!
  • 59 (body shot) + 142 (Throwing Knife head shot) = 201. Even Guardians with 10 Armor die!
  • Two hit kills if you reload after a kill, and even really speeds you up to close the distance to accomplish this
  • Since a head shot and a body with Quick Reaction activated (117+78) is 195 damage, some Guardians can die to that! You might not even need 2 head shots to get that 2-tap!

F&R was kinda hard to handle with Reinforced Barrel but I'm loving it with Hammer Forged. It's a great partner for a Gunslinger.

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