Feelings from the Closed and Open Beta versions

I have some mixed feelings about the game, and here they go with a few points for the pros and cons:

Pros: 1. Large environment and you don't have to use a linear approach on how to progress through the game. 2. The graphics are not bad – could use a better draw distance, and probably increase the texture quality with about 10%. (XBOX One user here) 3. Penetration kills work better than RB6 Siege. 4. Good jokes between operators. 5. Weapon variety seems to be nice. 6. We finally got support. 7. Got plenty of vehicles, waiting to see what is extra in the full game. 8. The cartel is armed to the teeth. 9. Picking up a weapon can support using a silencer. 10. The helicopters are actually hovering when you don't do a thing.

Cons: 1. The AI team mates are kinda dumb, especially when they can't find angles or positions to get a clear shot. 2. Vehicle destruction – UH-60's are quite bad. 3. No collision with the tree crowns when piloting a helo. 4. Some NPC's are just useless and walking on air – Jesus mode on. 5. Cars / bikes drive like bricks. 6. No stalling altitude for air vehicles. 7. Bullet drop needs some work – it can't be the same for snipers and ARs. 8. Your position is given away in some way when you shoot an enemy unit and using a silencer. 9. Rebels immediately attack the damn opponents – there goes my stealth. 10. Low FPS when you come down over a new area, probably because of the draw distance mechanism. 11. Liberated areas are not being taken in control by the rebels or get simply abandoned with some future fights between rebels – UNIDAD or SB, for control (similar to the one in San Andreas). 12. The game crashes – but hey… it's a BETA, I won't rant about it too much, because it's pointless.

Would be nice to add: 1. Increased bullet drop during a rain. 2. Since we'll have a salt bed area, I hope we will get a nice storm that will really reduce the visual range – similar to the first mission in Future Soldier. 3. Rebels to actually have a system of strength and resources. 4. Mission planning systems. 5. At some points, during a mission, it would be nice to be unable to call in rebel support, as well and when you are in areas that are jammed. 6. When you approach an area of interest – convoys, caches etc to get a call from Ops and get a short briefing that you can accept or deny (also be able to disable it from the options). 7. Get an FOB after reaching a certain rebel strength or progression done. 8. Extract all the Lt's for forward debriefings / interrogations to get bonus points or extra resources, even a unique attachment or skin. 9. A mission where all hell breaks loose and you can call in Air Support, a B-1B coming in to carpet bomb and extraction with a C-130 by using air hooks. 10. Add wingsuits so that we can jump from mountains and have some damn fun. 11. Weapon customization via the Wildlands mobile App.

Final conclusion: the game is worth it, and I have a feeling that I will hang my RB6 Siege disc and start planning attacks and infiltration missions with the team in Wildlands.

Cheers to all and can't wait until next week!

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