Feeling bit underwhelmed after first ending, does it improve?

Hey everyone, longtime Nier fan here. Was huge into the first game, even got a lunar tear tattoo done. I felt the first game had real emotional story to it and I loved it. So I was really excited for the new Nier, but after having completed the first ending I'm feeling bit underwhelmed. Here's a list of what I liked first: – Awesome soundtrack as usual – Adam and Eve are very interesting characters and I like the weird quantum mechanics-like stuff going on with them – Cool weapons and action gameplay – flight sequences are cool and fun as hell – World is very fascinating and it's cool to see some of the stuff that in grimoire nier on the game and things that have underwhelmed and disappointed me: – the characters don't have as much emotion. granted, they are androids, but I feel the playthrough was too short length and not enough character development – not being able to buy healing items during super long bosses sequences. this only gave me a problem during the final fights, and I had to rely on chips to heal. – really short playthrough length – the final boss was super annoying, why make it so you can't dodge or hit at all? too cheap – One of the biggest things that irked me was them including Emil, Devola, and Popola but just relegating them to mere shopkeepers. How are Devola and Popola even alive anyway? Don't spoil me on it, but what I want to know with them is: Is there a reason why they all are there and are things explained/expanded on with their role in the game in later playthroughs, or did they simply pull a dark souls 3 fanservice type of deal where they just haphazardly threw them back ?? So I'm about to start next playthrough tonight but what I'm really asking is: does the story and emotions improve in later playthroughs or does the world remain small in it and not live up to how good the first Nier was?

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