FEEDBACK – Some calm after the storm

Since the beta we have had a constant posting of negativity some constructive and absolutly on point but most just angry fat people eating nachos sitting behind a desk complaining that this isn't the game promised or this isn't GR 2 well if you didn't like the beta then smile, happy that you had the chance to try before you buy.

UBI devs – my main man 'big dom' keeba and the rest of the wutang clan this is for you. Pin your ears back take out your notebook and pen and don't be afraid to ask questions.

I actually really enjoyed the beta I played with a team of friends all ex military and we planned out the missions and executed them as planned with a few mishaps on the way. We played it like ARMA 3 but with far less options and it worked really well (We avoided trying to fly cars off the mountains or fly the helis into the rivers, because if I want to do that then I can go play GTA)

Am looking forward to the full release so Ubisoft thanks

BUT !!!

There are tweeks we need to make and some post have covered these so my apologies.

In no particular order

Helicopter – seated operators have a limited arc when in the aim this is frustrating when trying to fire from the air

Fast rope option – when you get to 20m option to fast rope for team mates on side panels this will provide faster entry onto the target area.

AI – friendly – pretty much useless eg – getting killed by a narco while weaver walks past him on some stairs – wtf weaver Your team don't adapt to your playstyle as we were made to believe by the devs in numerous videos. They just follow you about and get in the way of Emerson due to their stupidity

Narco – covered by previous reddit posts to full extent

AI – customisation – come on !! Am all knitted up for offensive ops and my team look like they are off to a carnival. We need to customise them so we can emerse in the world you have provided.

Tac map – this is a great feature but it's so limited its a crime. Why not grip the map so we can brief our coop team mates on areas of interest and being able to brief on distance to target areas. A compass would be great too ( not a NSEW on the binos ) for giving good directions for things of interest and enemy contact.

Watch – give us a way of telling the time so we can plan the shit you want us to

Weather forecast – again this will emerse us in planning ops – night time no moon, low cloud cover, rain – ideal weather conditions for night time kinetic ops

Rebel drop off – there needs to be a real time drop off rather than a car appearing from no where with a mono smoke grenade going off. An Idea could be for a grid to be sent to you that you can use in conjunction with your tac map to get your vehicle – this is known as a 'dead letter box'

HUD – the options need tweaking I used no HUD from after the first hour but that stopped me using sync shot on single player. But am sure you have read this already.

IR strobes – used at night with night vision to show are position to our team mate flying the hell

Illumination – flares not the one in game but ones we can light up an area when attacking at night, in the form of hand fired and mortar fired by the rebels

Smoke grenades – for covering are movement when extraction or flanking or for deception

Rebel Mortar – as mentioned above illum for a 'light plan' smoke to cover movement

While am on the mortar it arrives instantly there needs to be a delay from the call to the rounds fired to them landing and a defiantly don't want to see them fired from 30m away like in the beta. That was fucking outrageous

Door kicking ie breaching – that's a great idea done so well on ps2 with socom – breach clear – breach bang clear – breach frag clear … You get the point !

But there's no doors to breach ! Apparently on your trip to Bolivia you found that the indigenous personal hadn't evolved to having doors on buildings.

Cartel alerts – if am in a family station wagon and am not shooting or hanging my shit out of a window then I take it am covert and keeping a low profile, if that's the case why do the cartel get alerted and blow my covert drive past recce – absolutly annoying

Oh shit !!! Weavers sniper rifle fires full auto when he's hanging his ass out of a car window !!! Come on

C4 – on the night mission video ( which I loved ) you see some dude plant C4 on the cars to be used when extracting, our guy throws it like a fucking moron why can't we place it like a normal person.

Unequip – yes it's been mentioned – I want the choice to not carry two weapons I don't do it in real life I don't want to in your Bolivian cyber world. Give me the choice !! The devs went on about freedom of choice on all the videos !! Yes you Dominic butler, but you bullshitted me big time.

Camo – woodland cam and tri colour is way off sort that nonsense out – and why no BDU shirt

Shirt pant combo – you have same colour scheme but they don't look the same

I love the character smith by the way !!!

Character smith – I love it but not enough options – you have 511 gear which I would never wear and nor would anyone else for that matter and I don't believe the operators who advised you would wear them either.

More helmet options More plate carrier Low profile rigs Hip holsters ( no fucker wears a drop leg unless your a cunt )

NODS – NVGS – NIGHT VISION We want to be able to see them on our helmets – having an animation to flip the, down would be great BUT I'll be happy if I can choose a helmet with them fitted . Win win

Anyway that's my thoughts am happy with the game so far but fix all that shit above and it will be way cooler

Thanks to Ubisoft for the 4 years graft (no bullshit) Ubikeeba can you thank 'big dom' for his video updates (no homo) Peace to the world. Fuck Isis. Namaste to you all. See you in Bolivia don't worry about the 'Ya yo' the Martel cartel and joey 'coco' Diaz will provide ( as long as Whitney didn't do it all ) just bring some beers I'll see you on the 7th.

Oh one more thing some advice for you all

'Confidence without knowledge will get you killed'

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