Feedback from a four player squad

Hi Guys!

Here is our review of the game, we did complete everything the game had to offer, and was able to flag some of the thing that could either be reworked, patched, or else.

1- The Supplies The supplies should be shared between the players as soon as 1 player loot it. It is dumb to stop the gameplay because we found une supplies, so we drop whatever we were doing, and just loot. Kinda kill the mood a lot of times for us,.

2- Enemy Gun removed after a cut scene. One of my squad mate picked up a gun from an Enemy, and when we completed the Cutscene for the first story mission, his gun was replaced by one from our loadout. Should not happen.

3- A Compass. Just give the same thing that you have in Rainbow Six Siege, a little compass in your screen so that quick call out can be made.

4- Ghillie Suit It looks awful, and bug most of the time with the model, need to be looked at.

5- Rework Marking and Pings. Something the Mark / Ping works, sometime it doesn't, And we don't know why it don't work sometime. Can be frustrating.

6- Better Vehicle Control for Helicopter, Plane, Etc.

7- Multiplayer De-Sync Issues During our time with the game, we had an issues that one player would not see the same thing as the other one, which lead to confusing call out and again, game play frustration. For a game that is marketed for Coop game play, this should be looked at as a high priority.

8- Sound Muffling when you die This one only happened to me, but when i died, the sound become way muffled, and bad. Had to quit the game and re-join to fix the issues.

9- Skip. The. Intro. There was so much frustration from the Rainbow Six Community about this, why do you even put it back to another game ? Do you guys speak between your teams ?

10- The Wheels Graphic The wheels look very bad. Graphic should be checked at.

11- Bigger Interaction Zone Remove fun when i have to wiggle a lot just to get the E to activate the object.

12- Object Hitbox A lot of Object in this game have a bigger hitbox then the object they portrait. For example the flagpole, we clearly aim close to it (not on it), but it still hit the flagpole.

13- Fix Shoulder Position Must of the time, Shoulder position change on it's own for some reason. This need to be locked to my last position i chooses, and not the game to choose for us.

14- Rain Graphic Holy damn. The drop on the ground looks like someone that use the Paint can in ms paint.

15- Night Vision Drone This skills cannot be activated while on the drone, it need to be activated before lunching the drone. Make it so that we can do it while on drone.

16- Better UI For the weapon attachment and such, the sub menu, it needs to be more polished.

17- Suicide Button Sometime, we know we wont get raised, would be nice to have an option to kill ourselves to skip the 60 second of down time.

18- Loadout Lockout I find it weird that we can change gun whenever we want. There is enough ammo box in the game to just lock the weapon change option until you find a weapon box to change your loadout.

That is all for now, hope it can help!

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