Feedback from a bad-average/casual player of battlegrounds games

Here is some of my feedback from someone that doens't play that many shooters, and only has played the battle royale H1Z1 KOTK (150~ hours).

The good.

  • The gun mechanics are on point, I like overall how they work, how they feel, the fast first person view system with a click, or holding for 3rd person it is pretty nice, even if if sometimes I messed up.

  • Gun attachments are nice, it adds a good layer of customization to the guns.

  • The map looks great, I like the size and locations, it feels much better than H1Z1, locations are unique and overall feel good to run around it, I would say that sometimes you feel like running on the open too much, with extremely low cover from location to location, but overall the different locations and places have a nice look, and the chokepoints are fun, I had a really fun fight in a bridge.

  • Driving feels good, it doesn't feel overpowered like in H1Z1, you have to stop the car to get out of it without taking damage, overall the different vehicles are ok, I always tried to get a jeep, it gives the best cover if you need to stop to fight. Also, being able to blow up tires is great, I found a vehicle outside a house, get down of my car, shoot a tire, wait for the guy to get out and chase him in my car easy.

  • The item's system seems fine, once you start knowing the looks of an item is easy to know if you need to pick it up or not.

The bad

  • The game needs a lot of optimization, this one is obvious.

  • Skydiving is ok, but parachute flight it is extremely clunky, also as other people suggested, I think you shouldn't get your parachute openned by the game, you should make the decision in base of where you want to land and if you need the extra distance in the parachute.

  • Interacting with items, doors, etc, feels bad, I don't like the crouch animation, it feels like there is a delay when picking up items, and you need to wait a second after the prompt appears in screen.

  • It was extremely hard to see people, all windows are "dirty" and it is almost imposible to see through them. Also I had trouble finding people between trees etc, maybe is because I am color blind, but I have no problem seeing peopl ein H1Z1, I guess because of the difference in graphic styles.

  • Sound effects are nice, but it was also for me extremely hard to point from where I was getting shot, suddenly I got a hit marker, hear the shots, but I wasn't sure exactly the direction, which added to the problem that it is extremely hard to see people, at least for me. So I wouldn't know exactly in what direction to get cover, and in a forest this means that you will die.

I saw some streamers suffer the same problem when getting shot at, they couldn't know where the shots where coming from exactly.

  • Overall, the problem of seeing and hearing people makes it so hiding is extremely powerfull, you just wait to see someone and put it down before they even realize where they are getting shot from. I think it should be more clear where you are getting shot from.

  • Also, jumping mechanics feel weird.

I wanted to try last night the NVIDIA Digital Vibrance, but couldn't because of the server issues, will try next time to check if it makes it easier to see people.

I think that is all.

I feel the game has a lot of potential and look forward to test it more in the upcoming weeks.

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