Feedback for both sides

I had a lot of fun with the beta. Really saw that you could approach each mission different ways. I even did each mission 5+ times each to see how else I could approach it. But im gonna give a quick pros and cons list.

Cons. 1. Vehicle controls and bouncy/jerky animations. All of them are weird. It seemed much easier just to drive straight up/down the mountains that taking the roads. The cars would just bounce off the rocks

  1. Better stealth/hiding tactics. Let's stay with ubisoft and maybe go with some assassins creed hiding in hay stacks or tents. (maybe too much but fuck it at this point)

  2. Better ai on both friendly and enemy. I didn't find it as bad as some of the reviews. I really tried to challenge the ai but at the end you only have a few options to control them. You have to do all the work. They should have the option to drive, interrogate, or pick up something. Why do I have to?

Pros: The game looked pretty good. Big map tons to little groups/convoys/camps to kill. But there wasn't anything there. You'd kill he guys and maybe get some oil. Why not make that a side mission and have them go towards a bigger side mission or intel/resource collection.

  1. The customization. Great for the guns and your character, but fo we get a base to keep cars or vehicles that we can go to to regroup or do we have to steal some poor bolivian farmer's truck every time we need to get somewhere.

  2. The options of approach you have to any area. But to make it more realistic the ghosts should have to regroup at the base and mission brief. Give the layout of a base (if enough intel is collected) or choose to wait until rain/night/ snow whatever. And get your gear / guns set up for the exact situation you're going in. If you choose the wrong gun then you might fail. Another thing is why do you have so many grenades/ devices. You should have to choose. Specially for coop why do we all have the same tools. If I want diversion grenades and a drone my buddy could choose mines and a frags. Makes you choose how to approach with intel.

I know he pros sound like they're cons. But they're just additions that would really help.

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