Feedback after my first beta weekend

I got the beta for the duos weekend and here is a bit of feedback with my first impressions. I loved the game and can't wait to see it develop to its full potential.

My analysis is based on the assumption that fun gameplay is priority #1, beyond realism and other metrics. I won't be talking of the obvious things as optimization, lag , etc… This is BETA and those issues should be solved eventually anyways. If I don't mention something its because I love it as is and in my opinion it doesn't need change/upgrade. This is by no means bashing the game, its meant as constructive criticism.

Movement: I feel like something is wrong with the movement. There seems to be some kind of inertia that makes it so when you stop moving in a direction you still keep your momentum and can't change directions quickly. CS:GO was like that at some point but Valve fixed it. I think it had to do with acceleration/deceleration instead of just giving you speed in a certain direction when you move. It feels awkward on a keyboard and if there was ever to be a console port it would feel terrible.

It feels kind of weird you can't jump while sprinting.

The vaulting system will be a great addition when implemented.

There are some areas on the map you can get stuck in. I guess I should have taken a screenshot but I didn't think about it.

Pace of the game: I like the game being slower than H1Z1, but I feel like some mechanics just make the game slow for the sake of slowness without a meaningful impact. Picking up items takes a long time because of the animation. Is that animation really important? Also you can't open doors or do anything while reloading and some reloads take forever (I'm looking at you R1895). Also I feel like running is a bit slow.

Sounds: I think the game needs more feedback to the user in terms of sounds. It is extremely satisfying getting that dink sound you get in any shooter game for a headshot. It makes you feel like you achieved something. Same goes for winning or losing a game. I think just having a victory sound or a sound when all of your team died would go a long way to make the players feel good when they win.

The directional sound seems a bit off and there have been multiple times where I was getting shot at and I had no idea where it came from. Also a general direction visual indicator of where you got hit from could help avoiding that kind of confusion. I assume if you get shot in the shoulder in real life you damn well know where the bullet came from (just a guess, I've never been shot at).

Directional sound is very broken when spectating.

If you agree, disagree or want to add some points leave your thoughts in the comments! Also sorry if I got some bad englando in there, not my first language.

EDIT: Oh yeah one more thing I forgot, is it just me or all the planes follow each other instead of taking different random paths over the island? Sometimes it feels like the whole damn game decided to land in the same 3 houses.

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