Feedback After 50 Playing Hours

I've played the game for roughly 50 hours and have completed approximately 70% of the game (excluding collectibles and skill points). I have yet to beat the a couple top bosses and El Sueno himself. Here are some things I feel need to change or need work on to improve the experience:


  • Vehicle Damage: Bullets take out armoured vehicles as easily as unarmoured vehicles, also collision damage needs adjustment as explosions can sometimes occur on impact.

  • Ballistics and Handling: Weapon ballistics and handling need some work on especially for Submachine Guns and Sniper Rifles. Sniper Rifles suffer severely from bullet drop and Submachine Guns have an unusually high recoil. Weapon handling doesn't seem to improve on some weapons even when improving the Handling stat with attachments.

  • AI Chatter: I have heard my AI squad members talk about El Pozolero way too many times even after moving onto a new area. They discuss the same topics and it never seems to relate to the current objective.

  • Enemy Strongholds/Bases: Enemy strongholds and bases should be conquerable and should never respawn with enemies back inside. Rebels should occupy these areas and defend them from Santa Blanca Cartel patrols. It's annoying to know that a SAM site will exist even after you've cleared it out and you're trying to land a plane on a mountain top.

  • Laser Sights: Laser Sights should show up when wearing night vision goggles as they do in real life.

  • Rebel Ops Missions: Rebel Ops Missions should not appear once you've upgraded all your Rebel Support skills. They become useless, offer no reward and just clutter up the Tacmap with obstructive and distracting icons.

  • Tacmap: The Tacmap should have some better contrasting with the map icons not make them easier to read and quickly check when operning up the map.

  • Vehicle Speed: Vehicle speed seems to be a bit odd as a van can be faster than a muscle car. Some changes need to be made.

  • Helicopter Crosshair: Helicopters with mounted weapons have no crosshairs and flying control are really awkward. Throttling should be controlled by the keyboard and pitch, yaw and banking should be controlled by the mouse (similar to Battlefield helicopter controls).

  • Radio: Add some variance to the radio. Reduce the amount of radios that are turned on around the world. DJ Perico stays as the radio host even after completing his region.

  • Patrols: There seems be a large presence of Rebel patrols but no Cartel patrols. There should be a mix of Cartel and Rebel patrols around the world.

  • Supply Convoys: Supply convoys should consist of more than two escort vehicles as it is too easy to eliminate both escort vehicles solo. There should be at least two vehicles on the front and back.

  • Supply Raids: Enemies should not be able to take off immediately after getting into the helicopter. If the helicopter takes off, consider the mission as failed since there is no way to hijack the helicopter without destroying it.

  • Shoulder View: The constant changing of the shoulder view between left and right is an annoyance and should be optional to lock to either left or right.


I will edit this and add more if I think of more.

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