Feedback After 3rd Closed Beta Weekend


Optimization, this one I don't really want to talk about that much, it takes time, but I want to reiterate that it is needed. I include here bug fixing.

Skydiving/Parachute flight

Free fall feels good, I don't think they should change anything about it.

Parachute flight feels quite bad, it is better than first weekend, but still needs a lot of tweaking. I did a more detailed post in the forums a few days ago with some suggestions.

The main problem that I have with it is that the parachute does not glide, when you are not pressing any controls the parachute should glide (with a glide ratio between 2:1 and 3:1, it means you should move around 3 units in the horizontal plane for every unit you move in the vertical plane), right now if you don't press any buttons you will fall straight down, without horizontal speed, and it feels bad.

Also, a minor problem I have is the parachute model, which is wrong, the cells should be closed in the back, I already did a post the first week in the forums, just want to reiterate that the 3d model is not correct.

Interactions with enviroment/items

Movement feels ok, jumping not so much, but since we already know they are working on changing the system, adding vaulting, I'll leave it there.

Enviroment interactions (doors/cars), it feels a bit clunky, the game doesn't respond as fast as I would like, this might be a problem with optimization, but overall it feels a bit "laggy" sometimes.

About items, first of all, it feels the same as with the enviroment, it feels a bit laggy/sluggish, but I want to talk about the animation, and if it really adds anything to the gameplay.

Personally, I don't think that it adds anything of value to the actual gameplay, for me it just feels bad, like it is there to annoy you, and you can actually surpass the animation by tab + drag item to your inventory, this way you don't have the animation and overall it feels better, I didn't use it that much because if I am picking up only one item I will waste as much time doing the tab+drag or waiting for the animation, but when there were several items to pick up it felt better to tab+drag. And even though I think looting obvioulsy adds something to the game, the idea that every game has to be played differently adapting your playstyle to what you find, but I don't think making it "clunky"/"sluggish" by adding the animation adds really anything of value to the looting experience, other than making it worse, and I think realism is ok as long as it doesn't feel bad in the game, the shooting mechanics are nice, the movement of the character its ok, but the pick up animation it just doens't feel right to me, it just makes looting kind of annoying.

Gun Fight Mechanics

I think the gun mechancis are really nice, the only problem I have is the sound sometimes, as other people have already said in another posts, sometimes it is extremely hard to tell where you are getting shot from, and I don't mean that the sounds are bad, sounds are really good, it just hard to tell where that nice sound is coming from, and you can be put down extremely fast when someone is aiming at you which make it worse, also you already got suppressors that make it almost impossible to know where you are getting shot from, I have shot people from 100-200m and I could see that they didn't know where I was shooting from, even without suppressor, with an AKM, they just run around like beheaded chickens, trying to figure out where the shots come from to get into cover.

Overall I like the game, didn't pre-order because I want to see how the devs progress with the development, since I already had some bad pre-ordering experiences I just rather wait a bit, they seem good devs though, they are open about the problems and seem to be working really hard, which makes me confident that the game is in good hands.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

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