Feedback / 20 Hours / 1 time winner-winner.

First impression : +++

  1. It is not H1Z1. And this is the biggest + instantly from the first jump.

  2. The map. I didn't play Arma modes, so bare with me, an island is the only one proper location fot BR game.

  3. The variety of weapons /items/modifications/vehicles

  4. No toxic gas. You can still run/drive and see everything clearly

  5. Fast bullet travel, low bulletdrop, but still requires practice, no laser shots, apart from server/player lag everything is so damn good with shooting.

  6. The car is a mean of transportation, you aren't safe when you have a car and I like it a lot. In the end phase if you have a car = you're dead. You're easy to spot when you have wheels, so basically the game force you to leave it and hunt for the victim, not riding around like an idiot.

  7. Energy drinks/Pills/Bandages/MedKits. Reasonable and easy to understand.But I still think it might be some starter bandage kit, at least a couple. I didn't understand how wounding work, but it would be a good option for those who didn't find their bandages.

  8. Boats – Damn, this was epic, when in the first game I found a boat while was in the magnetic field. Swimming/diving are great additions.

  9. You can actually hide in bushes, lie on the ground, crouchwalking etc, and it helps a lot, not run and gun.

  10. When you got killed doesn't make you feel angry, 90% of the time I lost only because my move was bad (teamers is another story, I). And the winning makes you proud yourself.

  1. Jumping over obsticles, jumping animation. At the current state it feels unnatural.

  2. Car's engine sometimes ignite when you just near the car.

  3. Picking animation. Not sure what is wrong with it, whether it must be quicker, or the range must be increased slightly, just a little bit. In general I like the idea of actually picking items up. Who knows, maybe I just need to get used to it.

  4. Please add a bind to mute the sound while in lobby, this constant shooting drives me mad sometimes )) I really can't find much of negative, I totally aware this is beta, and the devs play the game , and they care about it. I'm sure plenty of things will be fixed even without pointing it out.

Love the game , thank you so much .

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