Favortism in new raiding guild

So here's my story. Since BC I had been on one of the currently smallest servers (something I was not aware of initially), playing on and off casually except for the 10 man raiding guild I was in during Wrath. Coming back for Legion, I found myself diving head first into raiding with EN. I found myself topping most logs on my Holy Priest and even becoming top allstar healer for my joined realm. I had a lot of fun in my guild with the friends I made, but eventually I felt like we hit a wall in M EN progression wise and that we simply did not have enough people on our server to fill in spots for flakes.

I decided to start applying to new servers the week before NH released, and after interviewing a few guilds I decided to drop the $55 for a server/faction change. This guild appealed to me because they were 7/7 2/3, fit my schedule and stated that they would not be recruiting for the bench. The first week was good, as I was invited to a couple of high level m+ with them, and we cleared normal and part of heroic NH on the first night. I did notice that we were running with 5 healers, which included the guild master and three other officers. I was wondering how this would work in Mythic but decided to roll with it.

In subsequent weeks they have not been so cordial. I feel like I am consistently ignored in chat trying to make small talk to get to know people, and am still ranked as an applicant. Running H NH with them for the past three weeks I have been passed over for pretty much every piece of gear while the other healers get decked out in 4 pc (loot council). Despite this, I am still keeping up with them on the meters. I show up on time and prepared with consumables. Tuesday night we one shot H NH, so last night we doing Mythic and I didn't hear anything from RL, so I ask him if I'm off tonight and he says he doesn't know. A few minutes later, I check the roster and the 4 gm/officer healers are already inside the instance, so I log off for the night without saying anything. Trying to shrug it off but I feel a little bit screwed over the day after.

My question is, is this normal? Am I jumping to conclusions? Are they testing me to see how I will react to shitty treatment before making me official, or are they just jerking me around and using me as a backup for when somebody posts out? I can give offer up my logs for proof I am not a shitty healer, but my char name is Megmut on Icecrown US if you want to check yourself. Thanks for any advice. I love this game and raiding with a fun group of people, but being treated like some sort of annoyance after dropping almost $60 (and another $100 on hardware to fix my fps issue) makes me kind of want to not invest any more time beyond the 30 some days I already have for this xpac.

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