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I'm a beginner when it comes to this, only started playing over legion (wish I started way earlier because I really love this game!) My first toon was a guardian druid which I leveled with RaF bonus to 100 pretty quick with some friends (it still took us a good 3 weeks without looms or pots because we simply didn't have the money for it. 2nd toon I boosted was a mage. I liked it at first but started to hate it much later on discovered this way that I really don't like the caster playstyle. So I grew bored of it around the 840 ilvl Mark. Now I had no boosts left or time to level another character to 110 so I made a demon hunter which I like a lot more. Currently sitting at 4 legs ilvl 894 equipped and 902 in bags. But my guild needs more ranged. So I wanna help out by leveling an alt to 110 but I just can't sit through so many hours of leveling without getting bored especially now I don't have the Raf bonus anymore. I am wealthy enough to buy myself a full set of looms but not enough for exp pots. I'm in silvermoon at the moment and no desire to swap realms so everything is pretty expensive over here. Now what would you suggest. I'm not a great money maker the most I had was 100k which I spent on a sky golem mount, and all the herbs I farm go straight into flasks and pots for raiding. How long would it take me to level to 100 by just looms. And would it be beneficial to use those expensive exp pots? And how long would it take doing it with pots and how many would I need. Also should I just do dungeons all day or also quest lines? All the help is appreciated!

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  • A scrubby newcomer to wow

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