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Latest news

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  • The megathread we opened didn't go as planned, with you guys wanting keys so bad it was filled with spam. We are going to find a better method for you guys to host giveaways easily.
  • A giveaway hopefully is coming soon, this has not yet been confirmed but we are going to work hard getting you guys some keys as this has been a HUGE request.
  • Duos will start beginning Friday 3rd March


When does the CBT end?

  • The CBT will end March 19th

Where can I get a key? | How can I get into the beta? | I want a key!

  • The best way to get a key is to enter a giveaway be it on a stream, external site or here on the subreddit. The only way to get access to the beta at the moment is to obtain a key and redeem it on steam. Please don't spam the subreddit with "I want a key!" or anything similar and follow the posting rules. This keeps the sub clean for other users and the developers to obtain feedback.

A new, improved megathread will be made soon for giveaways to occur

How long does a beta key last?

  • A beta key will, usually, only last for that period of test. I say usually because the developers may decide that old codes will work. You will need another key otherwise.

When will the game be released and what is the decided cost?

  • The developers are aiming for a release in around ~6 months. Price is yet to be announced

What consoles will the game be released on?

  • PLAYERUNKNOWN is aiming for the game to be well optimized around the board on PC first. He said he may then consider taking it to consoles.

Subscription? and what about micro-transactions?

  • The game will not be subscription based. Micro-transactions will be in the form of purely cosmetic crates.

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