FAQ answered from Twitch stream

Few things I heard while watching –

  1. Binoculars will coming in Early Access
  2. Crates to work similar to CSGO
  3. Leader boards will be wiped after Early Access
  4. Vehicle skins
  5. Plan to make a second map
  6. Aim to release it on Xbox and PS after the PC version is finished
  7. Blue circle damage will stay the same, in the words of PLAYERUNKNOWN "Stay in the circle".
  8. Servers will open up in regions when the need arises.
  9. In competitive games PLAYERUNKNOWN would like to force a certain graphical option for all players
  10. Will be micro-transactions for cosmetics
    10a. DLC to be funded via micro-transactions
  11. Destruction to be implemented, walls will be able to be destroyed.
  12. Server tick rate is currently 60hz, however due to server optimisation it is a little lower at the time being
  13. Will be a shooting range for training, they are currently trying to fix a problem they have in order to do this. AI is a possibility within the shooting range.
  14. Single plane instead of three to jump from at the start.
  15. $29.99 retail price on steam
  16. There will be premium skins
  17. Server-side shadow caching.
  18. Unranked mode as well as a ranked mode with ELO-based matchmaking
  19. Hardcore first person only servers with no crosshair
  20. Battleeye as anticheat

I only viewed the last 20 mins, please feel free to add more that I have missed. I am sure the mods will do a stick will all the info.

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